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I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

I first learned about it here. Pledging to buy handmade things is not a hard things to do for me. I appreciate a nice handmade object. I am a knitter. I dream about being a sewer (this I am working on to improve myself everyday). After reading about call backs on children's toys because of lead or harmful chemicals, it made me sit down and go through all of Max's toys to double check that he didn't have any of the toys that were harmful to his health. Looking at each tag, I realized that almost every toy he has was made in China except his stacking tower which was made in Mexico and a stuffed elephant that was made in Italy.  Even all of his books were either printed in China or printed in Mexico.  I couldn't believe it. Most toys were clearly marked with something that said designed in the US but made in China. The made in China part in a much smaller font than the designed in the US part. I guess that's supposed to make me feel better about where Max's toys come from. Well, it doesn't.

So, I am taking this pledge to buy handmade for this coming holiday season. Gifts. Toys. Household items.  I am excited to scavenger Etsy, my new favorite place on the web for gifts and inspiration. My recent favorites: StumpPondToy, Pookeh, Isofoto, and SuperCapacity.  More here. Taking this pledge has also motivated me to finish a few knit projects for loved ones as well. If you take the pledge, let me know! I would love to see what handmade treasures you have found.   

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