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November 08, 2007


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I totally get you on this. We have the same situation, where my hubby works 12 hours a day pretty much, except that (under normal circumstances) I'm still working full time as well. I usually end up waiting til he comes home to have supper, which can be as late as 11pm. But on those other nights when I'm just too starved, I sit alone in front of the TV eating supper. Strangely enough I've gotten used to it over the years. After Avery goes to bed, I have a few hours of my "me" time.

Mary Anne

I love Billy!

and you too....

must look into this skype thing...

Mary Anne


Awwww! So cute, what great company AND brother.


I love that. Your brother is awesome. :D

And both of those movies are good, too!


Loved this post. And I love how distances can shrink so perfectly sometimes, and we can just munch away in unison with our loved one thousands of miles away.

The Bold Soul

He must have been picking up your "I hate to eat alone vibe". Totally cool!


Well, I hope you watched The Triplets of Belleville...awesome film! I actually like eating alone sometimes...nice quiet me time.


Oh, that is nice. Fab works 'les trois-huit' so every one week out of three, I find myself eating alone unless I can manage to wait to 9:30 or 10pm to eat.


Skype is great, hey? Did you enjoy the Triplets of Belleville? Now I'll have that cool little tune in my head all night :)

aloha no

So sweet. I've just started IM'ing with my cousin and dear friends in hawaii (I'm in VA now) and it's such a comfort to know they are sitting there "with" me.


That was a cute little story. I recently found myself sick in my roomateless apartment doing a crossword over the phone with my mom one afternoon. It was really nice to have her presence doing something that we would normally do together, almost as if she were right there next to me!


How sweet, I love that post. Your brother sounds adorable...what a great story. :0)


Cute post! Gotta love bros and people who don't mind eating on the phone (me included).
I also eat late...or sometimes not at all. Sigh.
xoxo to you,


Two kids later and I love a night when dad is out of town and I have a little time alone at the end of the day....It gets less lonely as time goes on, trust me. When I'm lonely, I just remind myself that it's probably hard on him to be gone, but I'm doing my part by keeping things going at home. That makes it possible for him to work/be gone and not worry about us. I hope you are still happy with your decision to stay home. It's invaluable.

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