What just happened?
This child of mine

Ever so often...

I find myself eating dinner alone. Julien's job sometimes requires him to stay late and if I wait for him I'll be eating dinner after 9pm. As much as I hate to eat alone I understand that this is how it is. We decided to form a family and I chose to stay home and take care of Max and Julien has become our sole breadwinner.  It's working for us but no one said it would be easy.

Tonight, I sat down at my computer with a nice plate of homemade carbonara and two DVDs I'd borrowed from a friend. I was trying to decide between Les Triplettes de Belleville and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon when my Skype icon started to bounce in my dashboard. It was my brother William calling me.

I answer and hear "Crunch, crunch, crunch" and with his mouth full he asks me what I am doing?

Me: "Oh, just sitting here getting ready to eat dinner. alone"

William: (mouth full) "Oh, me too but I'm eating lunch."

Me: (chewing my dinner)

William : (Chewing his lunch)

Me: (Chewing my dinner and drinking water)

William: (Mouth full) "We're keeping each other company."

Thanks for the company, Billy. :) I needed it.