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November 30, 2007


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I'm so jealous. I love Debbie Bliss' yarns and patterns.


What? No pictures? I figured you would snap a shot of Debbie, maybe holding Max.

:) Ah-ppa


I am in the middle of knitting Sofia from that booklet. I love it. I haven't gotten to far in the sweater, sweaters take me forever to knit! LOL

It's a great book!


How exciting!
Yes, Rialto is an awesome yarn. It's like Aurora 8 or Zara, right? Mmm, merino :)


I don't know Aurora or Zara but it is very similar to Anny Blatt's Merinos. I can't wait to knit with Rialto.


Well that must have been very cool! I'm glad she was so nice. We knitters have high expectations, it's so cool that she was everything I thought/hoped she would be.

Mary Anne

Isn't it funny how the people we think are so cool, create things we love, are so down to earth...real people! I am glad you had such a great time with someone so cool!
Mary Anne


SO cool! I love DB, what a great opprtunity!


Sounds super fun. I'm glad you could have make it.

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