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January 29, 2008


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Hi there! I found your blog through Ravelry - you're a great knitter and I really admired the child's placket neck sweaters you made for your baby.

I decided to read along with your blog. Good luck with the muffin top extermination.

The Bold Soul

Typical of the sales guy... instead of feeling proud or relieved that he was able to get you what you wanted, he was annoyed because you forced him to actually do some WORK for all of 15 flipping minutes, when he would have probably preferred to be doing something less taxing. Like going outside to smoke or send an SMS to his girlfriend.

Brava, you!


I just got a free pedometer today!! (BTW, a podometer measure pressure under your foot, a pedometer the # of steps you take. Thank you Wikipedia!).
I know what you mean about sales people... Service in France does not come with the professional fake american smile, that's for sure. But can I grumble about the fact that americans can work before the age of 18? If I have to deal with another 16 yr old who won't even go look for an item sold in the store, I think I'll scream. Or even better, a teen who will continue typing a freaking text message as I'm speaking to them! *sigh*


I do that too! Once I told a big rambling description of a stovetop kettle - it gets the message across eventually. Sorry about the cranky sales guy :)


the sales guys I hate in France? The couch sellers. You go into a couch store and you get a used car salesman type, who won't let you go. For life or money. Well maybe money. And then, when you leave without buying anything, you get a rude send off. As if dropping 2500 Euros was a no brainer!

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