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January 20, 2008


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The Bold Soul

Awesome goals, Aimee. You're going to push yourself but you're also being realistic (and hey, when you get to a 10, you might just feel like going to the 8 anyway so that is always an option). As you know I also need to lose a LOT of weight (and don't even have a baby as an excuse) and I am motivated by what (I think, hope) will be a major romantic life event later this year, in which I want to wear a sexy RED dress and NOT look like an apple in the photos later! Let's find a way to motivate each other... I don't (and won't) take up running but maybe we can check in with each other weekly and kick each other's butts!


I've been reading your blog avidly for a year and have rarely (if ever?) commented. Now I'm pregnant myself with a little girl and am so looking forward to blogging a little bit of her life too. This blog is a real inspiration so thank you Aimee.


hey aimee! i think that this is great! i also have a jogging stroller but rarely use it now that the weather is, well, crap-o-la. that and i'm a horrible jogger :) my knees and hips just can't take the pounding. we live in the top floor of a 4-story walkup so i try to take the stairs as much as possible or do some step aerobics after the nut goes to bed.

by the way, are you still breastfeeding? i've heard that you do drop a significant amount of weight after you stop. supposedly your body hoards fat while breastfeeding to have stores for the baby. so that's a little bright light at the end of the tunnel if it applies!

aloha no


new shoes by paolo nutini.

this song always makes me move . . . and feel good to boot!

good luck with your goal!


I have been running a lot lately which is really new for me, so I can totally support you on this! Good luck sticking with it, and here are some of my favorite songs:

Jump, by the Pointer Sisters
You Can't Stop the Beat, from the Hairspray soundtrack
The Ping-Pong Song, Enrique Iglesias...

I could keep going on but I'll stop.


Hey chica-- way to go! I'm totally behind you and will be working on my baby pounds at the same time! Ready, set , go!!


Good luck with getting back into running. I gave up running a few years ago and regret it but also have no desire to pound the pavement like that again. Thus I've taken up swimming again. The downside? Must wear a swimsuit.

For the iPod, I recommend stuff by Mika. He makes folding laundry fun.


Hi Aimee! I have total periods where I'll run for months on end and then just stop for a couple months and then get into it again. I definitely notice the difference in how I feel and how much energy I have and am thinking it might soon be another running period after nearly a year off. One weird thing that has always motivated me is to listen to music where I can imagine myself doing something in the music, either being the lead singer or dancing or being the actress in an action packed film while the music plays in the background. This way, I'm no longer running, I am imagining myself doing something else while the music is playing. Weird, I know, but it works. Evanescence is great for this if you like them. Good luck! The stroller is a great idea. It's become harder over the years to find the time to run unless I wake up at the crack of dawn or do it on the weekends when E can watch the kids. Maybe when L starts the creche there will be more time... You're getting me motivated too!


Aimee - good luck with your running goals. My son is now almost 7 months old, and I too am running out of excuses for not being free of baby weight. I have about 12 lbs to go, but these last few are the hardest! For music at the gym, I swear by Crystal Method and Kanye West - hard not to move with that playing!


for your jogging play list...
Push It by Garbage
Milk and Honey by Beck
Little L by Jamiroquai
Magalenha by Sergio Mendez
Harder Better Stronger Faster by Daft Punk
Music by Madonna


Try Mika--Life as a cartoon (or something.) Used it to powerwalk (or run away from stray cows) in rural Vietnam. Perfect exercise music.

I just had my baby girl, but I'm giving myself oodles of time before even considering losing weight. I think 9 months is more than reasonable. ;-)


Hey, i like to run on Primal Scream (Movin'on Up, Rocks...)& T Rex (Mambo Sun, Get It On...)! But also on "sweet home alabama" from Lynyrd Skynyrd and "Emily Kane" by Art Brut. Good luck on your weight loss, I'm sure that with some jogging and healthy food it will be totally easy. Anyway it's just about taking care on one's self, I think that when you see it this way, there is no reason to fail and it's really easier to lose in fact weight.


It takes forever for me to lose baby weight too. I´m so jealous of those people who can get back in their jeans after two months. It took me a solid year with Little S. It seems like breastfeeding makes me keep weight rather than lose it because at six months when he started solids I lost a few pounds and it wasn´t until he stopped at 15 months that I lost it all.

I always like Buckwheat Xydeco for moving and dancing. I put it on to clean the house!


Good luck Aimee. My baby weight was gone within a few days of delivery, but I am SO soft and squishy! For me it is about toning and not weight. We all have our post pregnancy issues! I bought two work out dvds and they have been collecting dust for four months. Maybe now that we're fixing a nap schedule I can start shaking my booty. Anastacia's "I'm outa love" always gets me moving. Best.


Way to go Aimee! A great way to start the new year. I hope you get better very soon so you can embark on your new goal. I know you can do it. I used to jog regularly before my first pregnancy and I think I remember often running to Gwen Stefani and Maroon 5 at the time, as well as Madonna. Anything that was upbeat or uplifting at least. Reminds me that I need to get back into action too, I never got back into running, but I would like to eventually. You're an inspiration, good luck!


Hi Aimee!! I haven't visited you in a long time, but here I am to cheer you and your running along! It really will help slim you down and also make you feel so good too! I hope to read more about you running!

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