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February 05, 2008


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I love it! Did you use the timer for this?

The perspective rocks!


No, I just pressed the button and set it to continuous shot and hoped to get a good one. And I did! :) Everything looks cool in wide angle.


I am seriously so in love with this project. Max is so adorable with this special place. I don't know why, it reminds me of Thaya creeping into the closet to check my shoes for little treasures.

I love it, love it, love it.

Do you use any filters on your lenses or a flash? I've been really trying to work with my camera to get the colors more vivid.


We're doing 30 too- so sweet. You'll be so glad you documented the very simple play when he gets busier and you have another one. It will never be the same. When I made our daughter a baby blanket, I put my glasses on it b/c she had the same obsession.


What a great capture! He is growing up so fast.

The Bold Soul

I am loving his jammies, too. Great shot! Still jealous of your new camera, too. ;)


Great project idea. I love this one!


What a great shot. Sean grabs my glasses off my face too. It drives me nuts. Good luck with your 30 days.... I think mine will start in March! (Business excluded, I can't not do a few business related things)! (I own my own online yarn shop now! www.robynsnest.ca - you used to knit, right? Or still do?


What is it with kids and glasses? The reflection? Because they're shiny? I've had many a kid knock my glasses off.

Great photo. :)


Okay I need to find a day to start this project. This photo is just too cool!


Awesome, fab shot! I found you through 'Shutter Sisters' and also visited the blog, "Cupcake Bake Shop" that you have listed and now I'm in love with that one, too! I'm glad I stopped by. Oh, and I'll be back. lol. Keep 'em comin'!


Oh I am so in love with this shot! It is so unique, sweet, and honest!


Oh I am so in love with this shot! It is so unique, sweet, and honest!

Brooke  Barnett

So cute!! I'm sure that's where I'll be soon when my 4 month old can get around like that!


this photo is absolutely fabulous!!


Cute, cute, cute moment. I'm trying to work myself up to a day when I can commit to commit for the next 30 days!!!

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