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February 14, 2008


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beautiful post, another side of love, right?... your blog is very inspiring. happy day to you!


What a lovely blanket.

Do people in France celebrate Valentine's Day?


My sister passed away when I was a little girl, and I used to completely wrap myself up in her quilt - physically and spiritually. I still have it to this day, although it is in tatters - I slept with it until I moved in with my husband. I understand how something as tangible as that can be so comforting. It is almost as if you are right there with them. Almost.


what a heartbreaking (and heartwarming!) post. i'm so glad that you have that lovely blanket to curl up with. as for max, i found this thread about 10/11 month old naps to be very helpful. it's a long transition but perhaps you can adjust some things and keep him on two for a little while longer.



It sounds as if your mom was a wonderful, loving woman, Aimee. You are so very lucky to have had her...

Sarah WG

Darn I wasn't the first...I went to bed too early. I have been wanting to link you to a post that Ivory wrote over at Trivial Pursuit. I thought of you when I read it and maybe the book(s) she mentions might interest you.

You are so wise to go with the flow of your emotions...and Max's too. http://thetrivialpursuitofhappiness.wordpress.com/2008/02/08/written-in-haste-so-that-i-get-it-down-before-the-moment-passes/


I can totally relate to your loss. I too lost my mom when I was young, and it is hardest when you become a mom yourself and need that motherly adivce.

I do the same thinking of conversations and moments, wishing I could have them back and the thoughts bring me such saddness. It's been almost 18 years. Time has never made it easier.

You are lucky to have a physical item that she made. My mom was never a knitter. I wish she was.


mt heart goes out to you, amy. i know those days that it all feels so hard. seeing that beautiful blanket with its presence and detail, well, it makes me feel it even more. stay warm and safe in your mother's love.

Mary Anne


Mary Anne


What a beautiful way to rememeber her. I'm sure that she would have it no other way, but to wrap her arms around you and keep you warm and safe.

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