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February 16, 2008


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That's a lovely piece that you hung. It's very nice.


So sweet... so so sweet.

Sarah WG

I love your chickens. And your morning ritual.


Hi Aimee,

I have the same strand with the bell on the end. Instead of chicks, I have elephants. I bought mine in New Delhi when I was living there. My cat Raja loves it like Max loves the chicks! By the way, I love your photos of Max playing in the hallway.

Oh, and thanks for the inspiration! I will be starting my Slow Month in March. :) After finding a can of coconut milk in my pantry this morning, I made a week's worth of vegetable curry! AND... I have a new bag of basmati on the kitchen counter to boot!


I love this story and how Max has developed in the morning ritual. I wish I cd. see him in action. Perhaps soon you'll reverse roles w. Max calling you to breakfast :)

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