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February 06, 2008


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Your pictures are so inspiring. Look at his little face! so sweet. and that cereal looks good.

The Bold Soul

I bet he gets a few Cheerios to nosh on, too!


Oh yes... that is what he's waiting for. See that little pile over to the left. That is Max's cherrios. You can see the intent in his eyes... he is trying to will more cherrios his way.


That breakfast looks SO good. Does Max like blueberries? Thaya loves mushing them up before popping them in her mouth!

Mary Anne

Ok, I understand how you feel...but someday don't feel guilty if you want to eat breakfast by yourself, not trying to get everyone out the door, settling the argument of how Jack's toothbrush ended up in the toilet(yep, Sarah) and have the baby fall to the floor screaming as the bigs head out for the school bus....in 4 new inches of snow!

Mary Anne
your cousin who needs 24 hours ALONE!


Breakfast looks delicious. I should start eating breakfast. I don't. That's bad.


hmmm, cheerios in FRANCE?? how can that be?

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