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February 27, 2008


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I check your site everyday to see the beautiful pictures that you take. Can I ask what the settings were on your camera when you took this picture? It is a really nice photo.



Hi Julie,

I shot at 17mm at f/2.8. I usually always shoot Aperture priority. ISO was set at 160. And I did not mess with the exposure variable. I was pretty much in Max's face at 17mm. I wanted a wide yet close shot. I did some work in Lightroom to boost color and bring in some vingnetting to pull the attention to Max's face. And I had a lot of natural light through the window on our landing. A lot of light always helps to get good, clear images. :)


Awww, he looks so cozy! What's the temperature like in France?


It was 45 degrees F today. Not too cold but still cold enough to cover up in the stroller.


Color! :)

See you tomorrow? Around 1:00?


nice! a nap.. a reprieve :) the peanut refuses to sleep in her stroller anymore. she's way too excited waving at everyone passing by. maybe in the summer again? the heat always puts me out.


God I love looking at sleeping babes. Pure angels!!!


Those eyelashes are amazing!!


Lookie those lashes! I'm so jealous!


What a beautiful photo! Max looks so incredibly adorable here, but that's always the case... Nothing new!

Love the cuddly feel of the photo with the texture of the hat and blanket too -- and what colors!


Peaceful :) His lashes are so long here!

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