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February 07, 2008


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I totally sat on the floor the whole time I was babysitting Max. I, too, was surprised at what a good space it was for him! He is getting so good at playing by himself! And yeah...you are sooo lucky being up so high and getting all that great sun light. I do not have an excuse for my photo today considering it was amazing outside...


I wish I had a long hallway like that! It would be perfect for Sean to run up and down! We don't really have that in our home.


Ah, soon you may "need" a beginner's tricycle (made of high impact plastic) and he can be cruising the hall when he doesn't feel like walking. Great pic of M - so much room to spread out, and alot of room to clean up :)


I am always amazed at how full of light your apartment is. Your photos have such a beautiful quality. How do you do it? I lived in Paris for a year and my sister lived there for 6 years. All I remember is rain and clouds.

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