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February 10, 2008


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So cute! This is a great everyday moment for you...and a really cool photo. I need a new lens! ^-^


The Tammy is waiting for you... :)


Oh I know. I know. I want it. Hmm maybe I'll have to convince someone to give it to me as an early birthday present in April...when I happen to be in the states... :)


Dinner looks delish! I never got into Smallville. Too much on TV! LOL. But now with the writer's strike, we're finding we don't watch as much TV! Which I guess is a good thing? ALl that's on is reality tv (some of it bad - some of it tolerable!)

La Rêveuse

It looks yummy, but are you telling me that J ate (*gasp*) CHOUX??? Holy crap! Mark the calendar. ;)

Dealing with puking baby stateside. 3 and counting. 2nd load of laundry. Yay! At least she's staying positive...

Congrats on the pic nominations! You deserve it.


My husband and I love to watch Smallville together. Bonding, aaah.


This is SO our life too. We even watch our tv shows on the very same computer!!


Julien is branching out and trying new things. This dish did have pork in it and he likes that! Lardons make everything good. :)



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