And he's off...
So, I am going to try something called a Slow Month.

30 Days of Everyday

Starting tomorrow I am going to shoot 30 days of my everyday life. It's a photo project to push myself to take photos in a different way and to slow down and appreciate the little things that happen each and everyday.  My inspiration is coming from  SouleMama. She is in the midst of capturing 30 Days of Everyday.  Images like this really touch me. And it reminds me that I don't want to forget these everyday things I do.

In the midst of a very busy time in our lives this will be a wonderful photo diary to look back upon. As I see my son grow and change everyday, I realize how fast life can pass us by. I have the ability to capture it, to freeze time in a photo. To be able to savor it and look back on it later in life when forgotten memories will be a welcome key to my past.