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February 05, 2008


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Hi Aimee. I think making your own bread is a lost art and should be taken up! Yes, I admit bread is one of those things that is usually better bought at the local boulangerie but with a bit of time a practice you can produce something very good indeed. This recipe has been going around the food blogs for awhile, a perfect introduction to a great art!


Good luck! Arianna

Mary Anne

Do you want a slightly dusty bread machine? It could add to your clutter collection, like it has mine... :)


Ummmmm....bread from France sounds so good right now. Or even home baked bread for that matter. I think I have an old bread machine somewhere. Maybe I'll try to make some this afternoon as well.


I remembered you mentioned a few weeks ago about Max not sleeping through the night. I was talking with my SIL and her daughter (same age as Max) wasn't either but someone mentioned putting a t shirt or something that smelled like her in the crib. She tried it and it worked!! Not only does Reece sleep all night but goes to sleep much faster! Don't know if you have tried this but thought I would pass it along, not often I have advice for moms!!!

The Bold Soul

My mom had one of those bread machines and it made some pretty darn good bread although she didn't make baguettes with it. But I imagine you could use the bread machine to make and knead the dough, and then roll it into a stick to bake it. I'm just thinking the bread machine would use less electricity if you let it mix AND bake, than baking in the larger oven.

But I'm kind of with Riana on this one. Buy the bread, especially if you know a good boulangerie.



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