So, I am going to try something called a Slow Month.
30 Days :: 1

I just realized we don't have any bread....

First day of my Slow Month and I realize that we don't have any bread!   I guess I'm going to try to make bread. *gulp*

I have some yeast. I have some flour. What else do I need?

Thank goodness for the internet.  While the boy naps,  I'm off to figure out the art of making bread.

*edit* Riana brought up a good point to me about making bread. It costs more to operate your oven than to go and buy a baguette (1 euro at our local boulangerie).  The little things like electricity consumption is something I never really pay attention to...until now. I may allow that we buy bread this month but I will still try to make a loaf myself. Just to see if I can do it....