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February 07, 2008


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what a great feeling, i felt so odd leaving my wallet at home too! but it is so freeing-- like lifted a weight off our shoulders that we didnt even know was there! I love your attitude about it all. Its great hearing about your experiences now that i am so far into the trenches it seems normal to me.


Doesn't it feel great not to have to spend cash? I'm not doing a Slow Month, but am severly cutting back on spending. I'm not allowed to buy food at work anymore. If I'm stuck without a lunch, I only have a $5 food allowance and around here, that doesn't buy anything good. So it's definitely forced me to be very premeditative about what I'm going to be eating, what I'm going to cook, and how many meals it will last me. I'm also trying to get myself down to a $25 a week grocery budget, too. Long comment, I know, sorry! Oh, and have you thought about growing your own herbs?


I'll bring the yeast on Sunday! :)

It is so great you are challenging yourself like this! I can't wait to see what you come up with in a few weeks...


Glad to hear an update on how things are going! Keep it up!


sounds like you're already making a lot of progress! and soup, god, i love soup this time of year. i could eat it everyday!


Yogurt is super easy to make without the machine. If you have a liter of boxed milk, some powdered milk, and a small carton of yogurt. Heat the milk to body temperature, dissolve some powdered milk (a couple tablespoons), take it off the stove and add the yogurt (don't over heat or you will kill the active cultures), stir well, and place in a thermos overnight! Tomorrow morning you will have your own yogurt, from there you can use this as a starter and continue to make your own.


I received a yogurtmaker as a gift and I've started making my own yogurt recently. I could say that is a good investment: if you usually eat it, you have simply to buy a litre of milk and a small yogurt (later you'll have your own starter)and the maker will work for you during the night. You could find good makers at cheap prices, even on e-bay. I'm on my maternity leave too, and while my wee naps (not so often, sigh) I try to make some bread, pizza dough and cakes instead of buying them. If you are interested in them I always peer at this two food blogger:
(the others are italian and they don't have translated recipes)
but sooner I hope to post my personal bread recipe, I make little rolls because of I can freeze them and eat the right quantity: no waste and if you remember to place them on the radiator in advance you don't need to use the oven.


Yogurt making is on my list of things to do. It won't happen this month as we are running low on milk but when I grocery shop again next month, I will make purchases towards making my first batch of yogurt. :)

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