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February 23, 2008


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I love this photo, not just because of the sun flare which is great, but also because it's on the route we walk from the hotel we stay at in the 13th (Résidence les Gobelins). We'll be there again the last week of May -- perhaps I'll see you and Max out for a walk on Rue Mouffetard!

The Bold Soul

I think the reason this one works just a little bit better in B&W is not only does it give more of a feel of "old Paris" to me, but it sort of reduces the less interesting feature of the scaffolding and netting on that building on the right. I hadn't noticed that in the B&W one but in the color one it popped out at me and let's face it, scaffolding isn't that interesting. I like the photo though and it's a great sun flare! Great to take risks and with digital it's so easy because you're never wasting film!


I didn't even have to look at the color version; I prefer this for sure!

But be careful shooting into the sun -- you don't want to burn out your sensor!


i vote for the B&W!


Both the color & b&w versions are great in their own way!

I wish I could be in Paris right now, it's stunning!


B&W way better for sure....


The bw version is very nice. Lots of mid-tone grays. It's not easy to achieve that when shooting into the sun.


I love this shot! Makes me want to be in Paris. And I too prefer the b\w....


from where you are standing you are a 2 minute walk from my apartment!
I like the B&W...

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