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March 20, 2008


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Happy First Birthday Max! All the best for the year (and years) to come!


whoa, happy big day, Maximilien! that went by fast, didn't it?

Mary Anne

Happy Happy day Max! With lots of love...

Katy, Jack and Sarah
Mary Anne and Tom!


Happy Birthday, Maximilien!!

with Love,


Crazy Baby Lady

Happy Birthday Max!!!!

My son Finn was born April 9th of last year so I am right there with you. Though it is a bit different because we had his big sister before him, there is this big challenge for me in knowing he is my last baby and I'm just not ready for him to be big yet. He just started walking and seems to be moving seamlessly into toddler-hood which makes me happy and sad all at once.


Happy Birthday, Max!


The time does go by so fast when they are so little. I admire the way you take in everyday and appreciate life for what it is. You marval in the little accomplishments that happen everyday, you feel joy when he tries something new, and saddness when he bumps his head trying to do that new thing! That is what being a mom is all about...an YOU are a great one!!
Happy Birthday Baby Max!!


Happy Birthday Max!!

Aimee - I went back to work when my daughter started walking (just after 1 year) so I am totally with you. I kind of saw the fact that she could stand and move by herself as a sign for me to start chasing my own dreams as she could start to seek hers.

The work/life balance is a struggle I have every day, but I am sure you, Julien and Max will work out whatever you feel best for your little family.

online hugs
Sharon, Fabien and Sophie


Happy First Birthday Max!! You are such a cutie!!


Happy birthday little man :)

The Bold Soul

Happy First Birthday, Max, and much love from your friends Lisa and Georges. I am so happy we will get to see you grow up to age 2... 3... 4... and far beyond.


Happy birthday Max! oh you're just so cute I want to eat you!!!


He's so Fr-American Idol in that second to last photo. Happy B-Day, little one.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAX! Max, if your mama decides to put you in your hanbok and do a korean birthday for you, make sure you go for the money!!! life has taught me that everything else is pretty worthless. ;)

I can't believe it's been one year already, aimee. Wow. It's almost scary how fast time goes by. . .


The Big Number One! Happy Birthday Max, and very best wishes to your proud mama and papa. Boy, you are one super cute little guy, and full of your own spirit based on what your mom says. :-) Stay happy!


One year already?! It seems like just a few months ago, you had announced your pregnancy...
Max is so expressive! From your pictures, he looks like the happiest baby ever, and I'm sure he'll make tons of friends with the nanny.

Jenny Rebecca

Happy Birthday to Max!!!

laura b

Happy birthday Max! He's such a cutie and you've done a fabulous job documenting his first year!


happy birthday max! what a great entry! :) he's such a cute and expressive kid. i know what you mean about being around other kids. the peanut is the same way!


Big!! birthday wishes from Northern California! to Max. And congratulations to the two wonderful parents who have nurtured such an adorable fella!


joyous belated birthday, monsieur max!


1yr already? Time flies doesn't it?

Happy 1yr Birthday little Max!

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