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March 12, 2008


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I did a "slow" weeks until the school vacation and it actually worked pretty well until the last few days. I made some really interesting things out of our pantry and freezer leftovers and actually was able to use up some of the preservative filled premade soups that I bought on a whim at some point. But, as the fresh food ran out and all we had left was the frozen Tartiflette etc... I got tired of it and longed for a fresh veggie meal. I gave in the last week and bought supplies to make Mexican.

We did save money, though and it really taught me what not to buy. We used to buy a huge mass of groceries but the slow month allowed me to see that it actually saves money to only buy what you need each week and to really try and make several meals out of one thing. And, if anything, I learned to use my brains for meals rather than just follow a recipe all the time and there are so many ways we can be creative with food.


well, i didn't do a slow month but i have to say that i only go to my local markets where i have to buy stuff and carry it home. between taking the peanut AND the groceries up our four flights of stairs, it's a great workout and great for our budget as well :)


I have been finding so many "slow" blogs lately and am tempted to do it. Already we ration electricity and spending at the grocery store. Well, I do. My husband not so much. ;)

Jenny Rebecca

I didn't do a slow month, but I'm not spending my personal budget for February, March and half of April to save up for a photography class I'm taking online. Outside of still needing to spend money on groceries (we don't have a pantry and we do pretty well at cleaning out our fridge and freezer after each round of grocery shopping) and baby necessities, I'm of course finding I can live quite fine with spending my monthly allotment.

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