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April 13, 2008


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The photos are great, and the video fabulous -- feels as if I'm right there in Paris already. And I would be if I could change my flight -- can't wait 'til the end of May!


It's been a fun few weeks following your cafe adventures. Congratulations! I love tea, drink it every day, and if I lived in Paris I'd most definitely drink a cup at L'OisiveThe.


yeah, that's the kind of exhaustion that's totally worth all of the effort! :)


i just love reading about you living your dream, aimee! it's so inspiring! and i can't be more thrilled for you! i just got an literary agent and am shopping my first novel at major publishig houses right now. do wish me luck! i'd love to live my dream as a published writer!


I'm a long time reader of your blog but hadn't vistited in a while (techno gremlins, grr). Catching up on your wonderful news has brightened my day no end. Congrats Aimee, you are an inspiration!


That's some crowd you get in there. Is it that way every day? What's the best time to get in (après midi, of course) if one has all day to while away les heures?

nancy in vegas

Aimee, I am so happy for you. :) It's inspiring to read about your new venture, as I'm starting a business on my own too. Our moms would be beaming with pride if they were here with us today. My mom had her own cafe while I was growing up, and it was a good learning experience to watch her manage her own business. Anyway, as exhausted as you might be, it must feel incredible. I love the photos you posted and wish I could jet over and visit... and sip on a cafe au lait in parriiiiiie.


I haven't had access to many of my favourite online reads for a few months now and was very happy to discover your news!! It's wonderful for so many reasons. Good on you for being so brave!


Coming to Paris next week, hope to visit your cafe, if I can find it!

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