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May 30, 2008


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thank you so much for the linky love, aimee!
i am so excited for us that we're living our dreams. it's not easy and it can be scary, but we wouldn't trade it for anything! one of my writing online friends lives in paris and i told her to go visit your tea shop! i know her hub has gone already! =D i can't wait for the day i can visit! *hugs* happy weekend!

all the things you make and bake look so yummilicious. i had no idea you were such a chef. mmm!


Yours, of course.

Mary Anne

Hey Aimee...
Jack's blog...


:) MAry Anne


I linked to InkyBlack and I love the idea of the portraits with your kids. I had just posted a picture of me and my kids last night, funny. Her pictures are gorgeous and definitely inspiring. I also linked to Shaye Rosemeyer's photos & blog which made me very sad, but I loved her photos of her daughter and I know after reading through her blog that I have to take more photos of me and my babes.

Thanks for sharing the links. I can´t wait to see what you come up with for your project!


Aimee great links, i esp appreciate decor8.


I have many links that i poke in on, but it's mainly motion/video graphics.

Hey I'm going to visit your teahouse in a few months to say hi. I'm moving to Paris in Aug with my hubby and two kids. Can't wait to see your dream, in reality. So happy for you.


If you get the chance to play some suggested music in your beautiful teahouse, I'd love to propose that you play Devotchka. They are superfun. I understand Parisiens are warm to them, thoughthey are Americans based in Colorado. Love your site, I've been a lurker for 4 months now. You've inspired me.

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