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May 27, 2008


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No title needed. :)


i think these are some of the best blog posts to read. they are simple, beautiful peeks into the loveliness of ordinary life.
i enjoyed reading these, alone here in the quiet of my desert home, thinking of how divine a walk on a parisian cobblestone street would be.
i am thrilled you are living your passion, your calling.


From all of your wonderful posts and wonderful!! photos, I think you are a wonderful mother. It seems those mothers that worry like you are actually the best :) How do I know? Just look at how happy Max is in those pics :) (My son says I worry too much, hee-hee)


vegemite scones seem really wrong :)


please write when you can, amy. i miss hearing about life in paris and i love any of the stuff you get on here.


Ooh, how I miss devonshire tea and high teas. I will have to get to Paris to have some of your scones one day :)


I just wanted you to know that I'm hoping to stop by for lunch sometime this summer when I return to Paris. I've also recommended friends to stop by also.


I think the whole point of blogging is not so much what others will think is interesting or clever, but what you may want to remember and re-live sometime in the future. Blogging allows us to use words and pictures in a way we could not have done just a few years ago. So blog away and know that many of us are envious of your lifestyle, and want to read every word you write ans see every picture you post.


Sorry, but how else do you pronounce scone?! I'm Australian, and just wondering..! But definately serve them with cream and jam not vegemite! Oh, and sultana scones are good too; now I'm hungry!

Jenny Rebecca

Well those of us who are fellow mamas who daydream of moving to Paris certainly love your blog! Reading about day to day life is much more interesting when the setting is Paris. :o) You write such real, relatable things that I think it would be interesting no matter the location.


Hi, I just wanted to say I agree with the other commenters-your posts are always interesting to read! I always enjoy reading them. And also it's nice to daydream about what it'd be like to live in Paris! ps I live in UK and pronounce scone like john too!

Ceylon Sapphire

oh how I love making scones.... there is something so theraputic about rubbing the butter into the flour and adding the milk a little at a time... the wafting smell of baked scones from the oven.... strawberry jam and thick cream.... *sigh*....I might just have to make some scones tomorrow and think of you and Paris whilst Im at it...

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