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June 25, 2008


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Oooh, thanks for the Petit Bateau tip. I'll have to check that out. I've been making a mental list of what I'll be looking for at les soldes, but I won't get a chance to go until tomorrow...


Thanks for the heads-up on where to go. I think I'll head to Italie 2 this week for some shopping and swing by L'Oisive for a cup of tea afterwards!


:) love europe at sale time! when i was italy (oh so long ago) it was saldi time and i spent way too much money.


Oh Aimée, I went overboard today! I went down to the Left Bank first for once, to wander around the St. Sulpice area as I wanted to check out Natalys, but I was a bit disappointed (and what was I thinking going to that neighborhood -- EVERYTHING was tempting, but I couldn't afford any of it, even what WAS on sale! But somehow one gets this idea that you can let go during the Soldes...). My goal was to try to find some puériculture for the baby on the way, and what did I end up buying?! CLOTHES, of course -- the last thing I needed for the bébé, but the easiest thing to find, of course!

UGH. Now I'm back to square one, because we still haven't made a decision on a bed/couffin or whatever, and now I don't know where to look! I may just end up getting something from Vertbaudet...

I'm with you on the Petit Bateau t-shirts -- I've been wearing them for years and LOVE them -- even if the quality has changed somewhat, they still hold up forever and stay super-soft. And so many colors! That shop does make the most gorgeous stuff for moms and kids! I already bought some things there for the Little Bean too, but I haven't gone back yet for this season's Soldes... I find their baby stuff more expensive than the adult stuff actually! Maybe tomorrow or Friday I'll check out their collection though...

By the way, I LOVE those Bensimon shoes -- now I want a pair of those! And you got them at Monoprix you say? Which one? :-)


For Comptoir des Cotonniers and Zadig et Voltaire you should try "The Shopping Vallée" in Marne La Vallée (near Disney) you can get straight there on the RER A.

They have both these shops plus lots of other lovelys: Diesel, Camper, Agnès B, Calvin Klein underwear the list goes on... Things are -30% all year and it's even better during the soldes.

It's in a pedestrain street so great when you have kids in tow.

Here is the link:http://www.lavalleevillage.com/

aloha no

oooohh - my dream to visit during this time!

I bought the most items at Petit Bateau (well, there and Monoprix!). The cutest undies and tops for my daughter and children of friends/family . . . but I completely missed the adult section:( Next time. . .

Looking forward to seeing the goodies you found!


I've never managed a visit during Les Soldes. Sounds very tempting. I'd meant to pick up some little shirts at Petit Bateau when we were there, for my coming grandchild, but didn't get 'round to it.
btw, I've finally posted about our visit to your charming shop -- check it out if you get a minute (Ha!)


Hey there! I'm glad you ended up getting the new Petit Bateau shirts-- mine haven't shrunk at all! And as they keep saying in the news, there is much more merchandise left to be sold in les soldes this summer - good news for us :-)
Would love to catch up in August if you're not totally swamped with the teahouse revamp. We're off this Saturday for nearly a month of vacation...


Hi Aimée,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeeting you yesterday with Leesa.
You have a lovely restaurant, and your meals are just scrumpious.
I'll bring my hubby; he will be very happy.
Keep up the great work and happy bargain hunting. I think that if I had Galaxie 2 a few minutes from home I would go everyday duing the soldes !

Cheers ;)


Petits Bateaux are my favorite. Their dress (well, supposed to be nighty... but I once went to a Bastille day celebration at the embassy wearing one - long story!)are cool too. Just to hang out at home.

I found you thanks to Barbara (above) ;-)

I won't visit your place right away cause I'm in Canada now but will write the address for my next trip to Paris!

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