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August 28, 2008


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wishing i could hug you. glad you can hold max and know you are passing on your and her love to him.


This was so touching and brought tears to my eyes. I often feel the same since my mother passed.

The Bold Soul

When I met William the other day, I thought instantly how much it must mean to you to have him staying with you during this next year, to have one of your own family here in France with you. And he's absolutely delightful! I said to Georges that now we've met more than half your family. I just haven't met your sisters yet.

Kudos to you and Julien for the wonderful work on the tea shop -- the new green paint is so fresh and calming at the same time, and the kitchen looks so much easier to work in. Thanks for the delicious cookies, too! See you soon.


If you're interested in the US Presidential election, check this (you may have to click it a couple of times): http://www.inews3.com/play.php?first=Bob&last=Spencer


That must be so great for you, to have your brother with you for a year!! Lovely place to have your mums photo..and that it brings great comfort to you!!!

The paintwork is great, Well done :-)


Hi Aimée,
I can really feel for you.The ties between women in the same family are incredibly strong.

My Mom is healthy & active, but our greatest loss was that of Dad. We lost him to a cancer almost 10 years ago. And I can tell you that hardly a day goes by without some thought towards him.

I honestly know where you are coming from...Hugs to you xxxxx

See you tomorrow with a merry group of ladies, including Leesa .


Wow, Aimée, all the changes in the teahouse look incredible! I can't wait for the opportunity to see them in person -- although I imagine it may take me a while to get out there!

This was an amazingly touching post... Your words always get me right here, Aimée -- you have no idea! You have such a straightforward and beautiful way of expressing yourself and your feelings.

Been having some tough times with Emma, but I'm trying to hang in there best I can... Breastfeeding seems to be coming along -- she has gained more than a kilo in a month! at the PMI today they jokingly said we might have to put her on a diet -- but she's been struggling with what I believe is colic and many tummy pains. I just hope it's nothing I'm eating! I've got to figure it out...

Thinking of you -- hope to see you soon! XO

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