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A day does not go by...

Playing with Maximilien today I felt an overwhelming wave of joy and happiness burst from my heart and like a wave it flowed out of my arms, legs, chest and engulfed Max and I.  And in this moment, I thought of my mother and how this is how it must of felt for her playing with us, raising us, being our Omma. I felt the tears welling up and I held Max close and he wrapped his little arms around my neck.  The tears disappeared. He smiled and off he went. I sat watching him and thinking of my mother. Missing her. Wishing she could be here with my right now.

A day does not go by that I do not think about Omma. Say her name, call out to her or even talk to her.  Most of my everyday life reminds me of my mother. The baking I do at the tea house. My daily routines with Max. And now my brother is here living with us for a year and just seeing him reminds me so much of her.

I  have a photo of Omma and I on the bookshelf at the tea house and that brings me comfort when I suddenly feel lost in thought. But still... it is all very hard to handle. And there will never be enough passage of time to dull the pain of these emotions of loss and love.

My brother built these shelves

We're on vacation...sorta...

Well, the tea house is closed for three weeks. We are taking a break from the everyday buzz of café life and replacing it with some manual labor that had got us using muscles we don't normally use and early bed times as my husband says, "on est couché aves les poules". Though we are not running off to some exotic location and soaking in the sun on our holiday but atleast we are doing something completely different than our daily routine and that has been a welcomed breath of fresh air for us. On changes les ideés...

Yesterday, we broke down the bar of the kitchen. It was done in half of a day. And a lot of fun. Big hammers. Plaster flying everywhere. Julien acting like a crazy karate guy breaking things. Good fun. We spent the other half of the day at Leroy Merlin buying various hardware needs and I walked out with loveliest chairs for my terrasse this fall. One is fuschia. Exactly what I imagined. Morning coffee sitting on my fuschia chair. Mmmm.  You'll see....

Today, we worked out the logistics of our mesurements with our hired handyman, spent the morning working out the numbers, well Julien did. I caught up on long overdue emails and also my out of control bloglines. Afterwards, Julien and I went to lunch at one of our favorite restos (mine for sure, Julien likes the Mexican beers), El Sol et La Luna and we were back to work by 13h.  Julien has run off to the harware store again to get the bar. I finished clearing out the kitchen of all the dishes and appliances so we can install my new horizontal inox refridgerator this afternoon. It sure is purty!   After that we'll varnish the bar and head home to Max at 7pm. We are hoping to get all the major stuff done this week so at the end of next week we will be able to go visit friends in Champagne and then off on a mini tour visiting Belgium and Netherlands with my brother, William, who arrives on the 15th.

But already, the break in the routine has been a nice breather for my mind. It's got me thinking about how I want to rearrange my week starting in the fall. Since we closed Sunday, I've find time to update the tea house blog. Please feel free to follow the progress of the work we are doing there. I will also have a fun slideshow video at the end of all the photos I've taken.

Alrighty, break time over... gottta go get freezer wiped down and moved before Julien gets back.