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September 17, 2008


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You're back to the slightly selfish delight of your readers, I reckon. It's true, Juliet captured so melodically exactly how it feels to spend a day at your tea house. We're lucky to be close enough to enjoy its delights often.


I am so glad my writing could inspire you to write again. I will be reading often!! (and visiting the tea house, obviously!

aloha no

What a joy when you are inspired by lovely writing enough to start writing again yourself! Many times you have done that for me.

Oh how I long to sit among those bookshelves and healing green walls and partake of the yummy coziness of your tea house. One day, one day (one day I'll replace "one day" with "next year/next month/next week"!!). . .


Oh, Juliet's post is so sweet! It's great to get a glimpse of what your cafe is like at lunchtime :)


Her description of L'Oisive Thé is spot on. We miss being able to pop in every now and then.


And I thought I was the original Juliette! Well, my name is spelled the French way. ;-)


hi there. miss you guys.

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