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November 2008

Chooni, our family cat...

passed away yesterday. She was an old girl. 14 years old (maybe 15 we're still discussing when she was actually born) and quite possibly the best cat anyone could have asked for. Her passing is hard for me because it makes me think of my mom. She always reminds me of the many chat sessions we'd have and she'd tell me that Chooni was her lap and then she'd jump on the keyboard. Omma always said Chooni knew when she was talking to me. She was my mom's lap cat. My brother's girlfriend. My sister's roommate. A constant companion to each of us. Boozie. Snoozie. Chooni baby. We each had our nicknames for her. I just didn't think she's go this early.  A little selfish of me to hope that we'd get a few more years with her.

Last night, I layed down with Max and cuddled with him as he fell asleep. Thinking about Chooni and remembering when she was a kitten how she'd come into my room at night and slink across the room and with her kitty stelth-ness she jump into my bed and inch her way across to me. As a young kitty, she liked to sleep nestled by my head and some how later in the night I'd wake up up to her sleeping next to me a bundle of purring softness.  Even the last time I saw her, I had Maxmilien in tow. He was an exploring 9 month old often mesmerized by chooni. He'd coo at her and she'd keep her distance observing this little human who she did not recognize. Only at night when Max was sleeping would she come to sleep with me. She'd smell Max and come and find her spot on the other side of Max. Finally the last night we spent at my sister's apt did she come and cuddle next to Max. It was her way of saying to me that she'd accept this little human.

  Statuesque Chooni

I am feeling melancholy today. I will miss her. But I feel a bit of comfort knowing that Omma has her lap cat again.

First of many first...

So, today while sitting on the potty myself this morning, Max decided to pay me a visit in the bathroom which happens to be his favorite place to congregate with Mama and Papa.  So, there we were the two of us in out 2m2 bathroom when I asked Max where his potty was? He pointed to his green mini potty under the sink. I proceeded to pull off his diaper and asked him if he had to go "poo poo" on his potty. He shook his head "non" but grabbed his potty and sat down anyways. And next thing I knew there was a little tinkle in the potty and a strange expression on his face of uncertainty. I immediately smiled and clapped my hands, "Bravo" and his face lit up with joy and relief.

So, there you have it... first use of the potty. Hopefully we can keep up this self-initiated motivation of the potty. I had suspected that we were moving towards the potty for a few weeks now since the poop in the bathtub incident  Max has been telling us (and anyone else who will listen) when he's pooed or peed. And the creche has picked up on this too and they have been showing him to the potty periodically through out his day.

Just as he weaned himself from breastfeeding and now he wants to use the toilet like les grands I must say that I am thrilled and excited to see my son growing up and taking initiative. And that we're moving closer to day he'll be able to wipe his butt on his own. :)

A break from the norm...

I decided to close the tea house today to profit from the fact that Maximilien was home from the creche and Julien off from work because today is Armistice Day in France. And because I am the boss and I can do things like that. Still getting used to this concept but it's sinking in pretty easily. :)

We were treated to a nice morning of sleeping in until 8:30am (thank you, Maximilien!) and then lazily drank warm milk and read books in bed until about 9:15am when we decided we'd head out for breakfast at Breakfast in America. We met up with Julien's brother, Benjamin who is also Max's godfather for a lovely (and large) American style breakfast of pankcakes, eggs and bacon. Max almost put away one of BIA's HUGE pancakes all by himself. We found a nice park across the street from the diner and spend some time enjoying the crisp autumn weather.  I brought out my big camera in an effort to get away from using built in point and shoot in my cell phone. I am still having a hard time working out time for photos. I miss it terribly but I am working on getting back to it little by little.

Since the weather was so nice today I got some really lovely images of Max playing at the park with his father and two uncles. Julien surprised me by taking a really lovely shot of Max and I at the diner that I will cherish forever.

Mama et Maximilien

The rest of the photos from today can be found here.

Today, felt like the last days of fall... I wish I had taken some photos of the trees in the park. The lovely yellows, red and browns were so vibrant today. Well, it's just an excuse for me to get my camera out tomorrow for some more photos, right?


The new America

I awoke from a deep slumber to the voice of my son talking to himself in his bed. Periodically calling for me. Julien stirred and went to get the Dou Dou and brought him to our bed. Before ever checking the news on my phone I knew that we did it! I knew we had elected the right president. I logged on to Twitter to see an overwhelming out pour of happy tweets that assured me that I was right.

I haven't slept that well in months.

Max leaned against me as we read a book and all the while I was thinking of our new president and how my son will have lived the first years of his life in this age of progress. Arriving at the creche the assistants were very congradulatory to Maximilien for his new president. My downstairs neighbor stopped by to say how happy he was to hear of the wonderful news. Even the newspaper guy down the street offered me this Figaro as a gift. Thus begins the change, my friends.

Today is the day...

You better believe that I am feeling nervous today. All day my customers have been asking me how I feel. Many of them stopping in just to ask how I am doing and if I voted?

Yes, I voted.

And I am not the only one with my fingers crossed. Even here in Paris, the Parisians are crossing their fingers for change for a country that is not their own. Yet another reason why I love the French... they are compassionate.

Seen today in the tea house:

Today is the day...
Pascal, my Tuesday regular, reading up on the day's election news.

My mind is racing with the possibilities this election will bring my country. I haven't felt this nervous in a very long time. I am sure I'll be up most of the night tonight following what is going stateside via the net. My fingers are crossed for change.