Thinking outloud here...
2009: A year of hope, happiness and gratitude.

Good intentions

I had good intentions to take some nice photos of Maximilien and make them into Christmas cards but then we all got sick. It started out with me getting a sinus infection and strep which kept me out of work for two days. Then Julien came down with some mystery illness. And he never gets sick so that was really weird and that threw us for a loop. Then things were looking up and we were all feeling better and then Max went to spend the night at his grandmother's house and he came home very sick (which I think he had been saving up from the sick bank that is his creche) with pink eye, a double eye infection and a cold. I started to feel better and then last night I spent the better half of the night trekking back and forth from the bathroom and our bedroom (13m2 of hallway, people!) . And again, stuck at home today (while the tea house remained closed two days before Christmas) with a baby with pink eye who wouldn't stop kissing me and a scary rumbly stomach that sounded like something from that toilet scene in Dumb and Dumber.

And here I am... thinking about tomorrow. Christmas eve.

is it just me or has this year just flown by?

I apologize to my family back home for the lack of Christmas photos of Maximilien. My camera is on charge tonight with good intentions of getting some action shots of Max opening presents tomorrow.

So, here I am wishing you happy and healthy holidays from our family to yours.