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December 2008

Good intentions

I had good intentions to take some nice photos of Maximilien and make them into Christmas cards but then we all got sick. It started out with me getting a sinus infection and strep which kept me out of work for two days. Then Julien came down with some mystery illness. And he never gets sick so that was really weird and that threw us for a loop. Then things were looking up and we were all feeling better and then Max went to spend the night at his grandmother's house and he came home very sick (which I think he had been saving up from the sick bank that is his creche) with pink eye, a double eye infection and a cold. I started to feel better and then last night I spent the better half of the night trekking back and forth from the bathroom and our bedroom (13m2 of hallway, people!) . And again, stuck at home today (while the tea house remained closed two days before Christmas) with a baby with pink eye who wouldn't stop kissing me and a scary rumbly stomach that sounded like something from that toilet scene in Dumb and Dumber.

And here I am... thinking about tomorrow. Christmas eve.

is it just me or has this year just flown by?

I apologize to my family back home for the lack of Christmas photos of Maximilien. My camera is on charge tonight with good intentions of getting some action shots of Max opening presents tomorrow.

So, here I am wishing you happy and healthy holidays from our family to yours.


Thinking outloud here...

so bear with me...

This past weekend I took Maximilien to his buddy Nathan's birthday party. A sort of grown up party with kids. My friend Sarah brought her son Felix and for the first time Max had a chance to play with a child who is older than him. And boy, did they play... I was surprised at how easily those two played together. Age different is about a year and two months. They were hugging and wrestling, jumping and running. I loved it though some of the other mothers (of younger children) were shooting me looks of get-your-screaming-child-under-control. I ignored them since I knew it would be good for them to see what their children would probably be doing in the following months. 

But since last weekend, I have been thinking about when to have the next child? Seeing Max play with Felix really makes me want to give Max a sibling. As you can tell with the lack of blogging, the tea house has taken a HUGE chunk of my time. I feel guilty because I feel like I've neglected my marriage and my household. The apt is in a perpetual state of disarray and my husband well... I know he feels neglected too but he understands and is sympathetic. But I don't want to let things get to the point where we're wondering what happened to our life because I let myself live with all this neglect. (yes, a 2009 new year's resolution is in order... but that's another post.)

Typing this I can obviously see that I can't have another child until I get my current life in order. Talking with friends, I realize that I probably have a pretty sweet set up if I did have another child. I could just bring the new baby with me to the tea house. Take out one table, set up a bassinet and voila, the baby can hang out with me while I spend my day at the tea house. Sounds fun, right? But then I am reminded of the late nights and lack of sleep and the breast feeding and the leaking boobs and constant spit up and what if I have another cesarean and will the recovery time be long like it was with Max. And... and... and... AND add on top of that running a tea house and a burgeoning knit café.

yeah... just thinking outloud here...

Knit, knit, knit...

I'm happy to have knitting back in my life again. For a while there I was juggling so much that I did not have time to eat or sleep let alone knit. But things are starting to settle down and I'm prioritizing my time better and back to the knitting needles I am.

For the past month, I have been showing a local artist's dou dous in the tea house. I had heard about her work from a friend in the neighborhood and had to have her show a little expo at the tea house. Her name is Eve and she runs Lili Grenadine, creations pour enfants. Hip, stylish handmade creations for your little ones.  Eve asked if I'd knit a few objects for her show and I was very happy to oblige. I pulled my friend, Irene, into it and we both turned out, in my opinion, some very cute creations for little girls.

Lili Grenadine Gallery Show (12 of 21)

Lili Grenadine Gallery Show (6 of 21)

I'm very excited to be showing these FOs at Eve's gallery show and I thank her immensely for the chance to do this. And who knows? Perhaps this could turn into something for the tea house. It's not like I have enough on my plate, right? But for now, I'm focusing on my Christmas knitting... and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new needles!

My daily pick me up

Before I became a mother, I wondered if being a mother would be for me? I really didn't question myself much after Maximilien was born due to the sheer joy I felt every time I held my baby.  I was a mama and being a mama was for me.  And even now when he's 20 months old, I still feel the joy picking up my son or seeing him play, run and say his first words.  And I know that this feeling will last well until my son is grown... even when he doesn't want mama's kisses anymore or I can't hold him because he will outweigh me.

I carried Maximilien home last night from dinner and I realized that I don't do that much anymore because he's walking everywhere now. I reminded myself to take advantage of the fact that I can still carry him now and that I should do it more often. Last night we read books before bed and snuggled and then Max says to me "kiss Mama, kiss Mama" and push his squishy cheek to my face. With his little baby hands, he pulled my face close again and again for more and more kisses.  I could feel the love exploding from my heart and washing over us in fits of giggles.  Moments like this is what it's all about...

Julien took this video of Max last weekend riding the line 14 on his way to his grandmother's house. I just wanted to share with you a bit of the joy of Maximilien. His wonderment is genuine. His smiles melt the heart. His words amaze me, though hard to understand right now. This is our life right now. And I'm so grateful for it.

Maximilien prend le métro from jagerog on Vimeo.