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December 05, 2008


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I can't believe you put a link up to the needle site. I'm not talking to you anymore. *humph*

(Just kidding...ya know I love you and your legwarmers.)


the show looks awesome! thank you again for pulling me into it :)


Wow, what a great job!

I've just recently started using Addis for all these Christmas projects, mostly because I am SO disappointed with the Denise kit I bought a couple years ago. The cables always come off and I've had to start over on many a project. Maybe I'll have to try the Addis kit.


OMG, you're getting the Addi kit?! You've got to write up a little review once you've tried them out!
Baby and kiddie items are so cute :)

Mrs C

I'm still waiting for that shawl pattern that I saw on knitz. Dum dee do.


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