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December 02, 2008


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Very, very sweet! The funniest part was the "Regarde!!! Wwwwaaaaaaoooooooooowwwwwwwwowww!"


I wish we could bottle his excitement - it's pure joy and total happiness. Such a great moment captured!


So sweet! Your post made me teary because I feel the EXACT same way. It's easy to get busy and forget to just drop everything and just cuddle while you can - Jake lies on me while watching tv in the morning and sometimes turns around and giggles at me and that melts my heart like absolutely nothing else!! We are so lucky and I wish I could be that happy when riding the Tokyo subway!!


I love the "regarde" as well! So cute!

They really should make the front of line 14 "kids only" - Felix requires we sit there too so he can "drive"!

He's almost two, Aimee! Holy moly!


What a darling video - I was having a crap day and Max really made me smile. What a lucky Mama to have him!!!

Thanks for sharing!


so cute, he looks like he is driving the train


Perfect. I love this.

It reminds me of days long ago, driving across the railroad tracks on College, when my normally quiet baby, William, would explode from his child seat if there happened to be a train going by.

"Choo Choo, Ah-paa!! Choo Choo!!" he would holler.

Animated and alive, engaged with the excitement of the world... Ah, Babies.


I haven't watched the video
(browsing on the iPhone), but your words are lovely. You capture so much of what is best about being a mother in just a few sentences.

The Bold Soul

Oh, the wonderment of being just 20 months old and discovering the entire wide world for the first time!

New-Yorkaise - Parisienne

OMG, I can't believe how fast he is changing! And now he is talking so much! How wonderful to be raising a bilingual child! It was SO adorable when he exclaimed, "regarde!" I even think I heard him say, "où ça?" :)


You really have to enjoy the moment. Leon is 10 now and will go to college next year so I’m trying to get in as many kisses and cuddles before it’s too late. Luckily he is big on the kisses and cuddles and his “Je t’aime Mummy” can make even the worse day feel better.


your kid is so frickin' cute.


That is absolutely precious!!!


I'm sure a lot of women (me included!) wonder if motherhood is for them. Most mother says it's just such an amazing bond it comes naturally...

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