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January 12, 2009


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My ovaries just popped.


So. Cute! There was an ovary explosion over here, too.


He's so smart, and so grown up!
I hung out with a 20 month old this weekend, who played on her mini-accordion (her dad is a musician) and proudly exclaimed "Daisy! Show!". We all clapped of course. It was a great show, and we were all blown away. It seems like yesterday she was a newborn, and I can't believe that she is old enough to speak! Is that how you feel about Max? Blown away?


Yes, completely blown away. I just want to hear more and more come out of his mouth. It's so cute it makes me so happy.

The Bold Soul

POP! POP! And wow is his hair getting long!


so cute! C learned how to say thank you too in the past two months. she always says "dee doo, mommy" when i give her something :)


he's precious! and you've a lovely voice! are you teaching him english at home? i mean, mostly speaking english?

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