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March 20, 2009


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happy birthday max!!!

what a wonderful letter Aimee, i'm sure you'll treasure these letters later on when he's a big boy and life goes by too quickly. those memories are precious.

enjoy the sunshine! i made cookies this morning and thought you'd like them:



Happy Birthday to your lovely little boy!

Such a gorgeous letter. You should print it off and put it in a memory box :-)


Happy Birthday Max!

Thanks for sharing the wonderful letter Aimee, I have a tear in my eye as I type. You've put into words exactly how I feel about Edwin


Happy Birthday Max! Hope to meet you some day very soon! You are so blessed to have such wonderful parents...


Oh dear you sent me back to when my son was born and all those emotions. What a beautiful tribute to Max and I loved your photo/video montage with the music. It was perfect.

Mary Anne

Happy Happy Birthday Max!!!
Your cousins in NE love you!

Katy, Jack and Sarah


Happy Birthday Max!


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... That is so sweet. . Happy birthday, Max...all the way from San Diego!

The Bold Soul

Bonne Anniversaire, Max! Et un gros bisous de Lisa et Georges!


Happy Birthday Max!!! I can't believe you are already 2! Such a big boy now.


Ooooh Max! Happy Happy Birthday!

I love the video you put together, I'm going to have to copy you for Thaya. Wait... if Max is 2 that means I only have a month until Thaya's birthday. I better get on that :P


Aimee, that was beautiful, the letter and the video. He is precious and I can't believe he is two already.


Can you believe our babies are 2 already? What a beautiful letter. Happy Birthday, Max! See you in August!


Wow, two years are up already? That's amazing. This is a lovely tribute to the young man. I bet your ma would have been oh so proud of the mother you have become Aimee, and also so proud to have such a lovely grandson.
I've missed your posts but I guess a toddler and cafe life keeps you pretty busy these days.


Happy Happy birthday Max! Great post Aimee ...


happy birthday max!

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