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May 10, 2009


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Awwww, that brought a tear to my eye. Beautiful.


I feel your loss today, and I hope that bear hugs and bisous will ease your sadness.
Remember you are teaching Max about love, and that's the biggest lesson of all.


happy mama's day to you both.


I've often thought that I've gotten glimpses of what your mother must have been like after watching you and Max. You guys do definitely know how to love each other and you are a natural mother.

The Bold Soul

Although I know you won't ever lose the sadness of missing your own mom, the best gift you can give Max (and his new brother or sister) is to NOT let your fears get in the way of living life fully with them, every day you are together. Since we know we can't control the future, why waste time worrying? I know, easier said than done... I sometimes have fears of losing my husband before I've had a lot more time with him (like 30-40 years) and it overwhelms me, but I try and shake it off and bring myself back to the present moment, and just be happy NOW. It's the best I can do.

A Frugal Friend

For the first time in 3 years I've had a wonderful mother's day......only cried once but it was in the middle of a restaurant so I was a bit embarassed. I focused on a wonderful day with my little girl. I have the same fears too, but know that if she loves me as much as I loved my mom, it'll all be ok.


The thing is, the pain you feel now would not be so sharp if the love between you and your mom wasn't so enormously good. I think you're doing the right thing -- whenever you feel that tug on your heart, hold your Max and the new little one (coming soon!) a little tighter and for a little longer. You have a lovely family.

Mary Anne

:) (((((((hugs))))))

I know you miss her....I think we all do...I miss the things she could have taught Jack and Sarah, I miss her chastizing my mothering skills when she thought I was making mistakes, I miss her love for me, as her niece...but you keep on loving that boy, don't worry about anything and live life to the fullest...trust me, some mean kid some day will teach Max and baby Boo that life isn't fair...(and you will want to smash in the face of that kid.....really.)

love you

Mary Anne


What a simple, beautiful, incredibly heartfelt post, Aimée! I loved this so much... Hugs!


Dear Aimée,

I know it's your birthday today (you share with Stella!), so Im sending you extra-special burpday wishes. Kisses to Max and Julien too!

Love Helen

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