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June 30, 2009


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You look LOVELY in that picture! Hopefully the sick stage will soon fade out and you'll get to enjoy things a bit more.
It's adorable that Max is so stoked at the idea of a baby sister and I'm sure he'll be a very loving big bro.
I know that you'll be heading to the US for vacation soon, but I would love to get together with the boys... time flies!


All I know is, with both of the girls (and both were pretty much the same pregnancies), I felt butt ugly, fatter than a whale (and I gained just as much weight with all 3 pregnancies), and I did not enjoy the pregnancies as much at all. But, what's weird is I definitely carried Louise differently than with Gab, but Alice was more like when I was pregnant with Gab. Anyway, I think it's true what they say about girls stealing your beauty because I sure didn't feel pretty one instant and every single month, especially with Alice, I was counting the days until the due date!

Keep cool, that's the most important thing right now. Have you ever tried one of those Evian (or other brand) spray things? When I was pregnant with Louise, it really helped to cool me off.


Hang in there Aimee!! I know it is tough being pregnant in the heat especially. I can only imagine being pregnant in the heat, working and having a toddler in tow. I'm not looking forward to getting pregnant with baby number two, but I am looking forward to expanding our family as I know you are!! The things we mothers do, huh!!


Yes, hang in there! It's worth the wait! I remember being preggers in the summer. If I couldn't find a cool spot, I would lay on a cold tile floor (not in public, of course) :^) You might feel ungainly, but really, you look absolutely adorable and beautiful! I'm sure your hubs tells you this A LOT. :)

Mary Anne

I never felt Katy kick much. She was always turned in a way I couldn't feel it. I also never felt pretty, always felt tired, and never had that pregnancy "glow" that others do. Hopefully it will cool down soon, or soon you will be on a plane to the midwest....where we all have a/c and rootbeer floats!

Mary Anne


Long-time lurker chiming in just to let you know that it's ok if you're not enjoying this pregnancy. I had nausea 24/7 the whole 9 months with both of my kids (1 boy, 1 girl). So I didn't enjoy being pregnant very much. I felt guilty for not liking it, but some of us are just not that lucky to sail through a pregnancy feeling great. Just try to focus on the positive things (i.e. the baby kicking). Before you know it, it will be over. Keep your eye on the prize! Sending feel-good vibes your way. :)

La Rêveuse

You are beautiful. But I hear you--the hair darkening, the skin changing, any zits I had scarred for the first time in my life, and I had a linea negra that was just nasty looking. And heartburn, hemmerhoids, constipation, bloating--it was not fun.

BTW, Rowan laid sideways (head at my elbow, feet at my other elbow) for many months. It was not comfortable. Especially the day she decided to turn. (Ow.)

So, names? Has the one you were thinking of been confirmed, or is it still up in the air?

The Bold Soul

My sister had her boy first and her girl second. Totally different pregnancies (although both kids came after LONG labors of 26 and 20 hours, respectively). 2nd pregnancy, she carried differently, looked pregnant WAY sooner, her ankles swelled a lot near the end and she felt like crap. I also think she looked blooming during the first one and tired during the second one. Also the girl was, for the first 6-8 weeks, a lot more work; easily startled, didn't take to the boob at all, which stressed my sister out to no end until she finally had to give it up.

But I will also say this: my nephew was a lot more work AFTER the pregnancy, until... well, he's turning 22 this weekend and he's STILL more work! LOL! The girl is a DREAM child... fun, delightful, never given anyone a bit of trouble, good temperament, great friends, and at 17 we see no signs of typical teenage girl bitchiness.

So you just never know. The pregnancy is no indication of what the baby will be like in "real time". ;)

And I think it's great you're just being honest about how you feel. Why sugar-coat it?


Damn those women who only look pregnant because of that basketball under their top. Me...pregnant in Washington, DC in full summer...every inch of me was fat..right down to my toes that wouldn't fit into any shoes but Tevas. And my despair when I had to take off my wedding ring!

But it's only temporary, right? And you will have a new little bundle of joy soon enough.


My pregancies with both my girls were like night and day. Their personalities are as such now too. But, you know what they say?! Horrible pregnancy easy labor. Just keep saying that to yourself. Oh, and my first preganancy was a nightmare, but I ended up have a child with the easiest disposition. The opposite was true with the second. It was like I wasn't even pregnant, and have an extremely fussy/collicy baby and PPD. So, just know that you are putting in your time now. It will be such a relief when you hold that beautiful girl in your arms. Everything will be right with the world :)


A GIRL! Am I slow? How'd I miss that? You know the hair darkening...I actually liked that about my pregnancies. This weather isn't on your side, for sure. Nap lots to bypass the heat....

See you bientot.


Max is going to be the **best big brother** ever! I'm so excited for you, J and M. Stay in the shade and close to that fan. :-) A cool, wet cloth on the back of the neck feels great when les grandes chaleurs kick in ....


I did not care for being pregnant either, and I was carring a girl. As much discomfort I was in after having her I was so happy to not be pregnant anymore. Of course all is forgiven now and she is the apple of my eye.


I'm currently in my 37th week and it's a nightmare with the heat!!! What's worse is people back in Malaysia (or here) don't seem to understand my problem - I don't have a fan or air-conditioning here, damnit!!!! I seriously understand your pain...

Oh, just to share another insight with you - I'm carrying a girl and I didn't have any morning sickness (just some mild nausea), no backache (just pelvic pain), no water retention and no zits too! So I would go so far as to say that it's unique to each individual. :)

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