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June 25, 2009


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YAAAAAY! Thank heaven for little girls! How exciting- congrats to the whole family!


omgosh congrats!!!! yay for little girls! I always thought I'd have 1 boy, 1 girl but with 2 little boys running wild in my house :) we are waiting a little while before trying one last time for pink!

congrats again aimee!

eyewhypee (formerly euphrosynely)

Yay, it's a girl! Congratulations! And what an interesting expression, le choix du roi, the king's choice. Haha, the king has it all, therefore one boy and one girl? Anyway, learned some more French today. Congrats again!



Mary Anne


We are super excited for you guys!

Mary Anne


Yay! I am 4 and a half months pregnant, but we are thinking that we want to keep the suprise for the birth. For a first baby I really have no preference for a boy or a girl. (Although I do think that it is a girl...) Now we just have to not crack when the doctor asks at the second echo if we want to know or not...


excellent news! happy to give a crash course on life with girl anytime.


yay!!!! I'm telling you, it's been a girly year- pretty much everyone I know has been having girls. I'm sitting here sewing some summer dresses for my little girlies, and let me tell you, it's just so much fun. Boys are lots of fun, but so are girls and it's nice to experience both and I do believe it's a different experience. Bring on the pink and lavender!!!!


freaking awesome.


YAAAAAY. I am so excited!! I knew it. I wonder if she will have dark hair... you know what that means in our family. :)


they say being pregnant with a girl they steal your beauty! I have two girls and one boy and I can say it is so true. But who cares about all that...yah you're having a girl! One of each is perfect. Congrats!


Hooray! (And congratulations again!)

La Rêveuse

That's AWESOME! You know how stoked I am. Excellent news, not like I didn't know, but totally incredible nonetheless. She will have the awesomest little french-girl wardrobe (you KNOW I am envious.)

BUT, I misread that at first as "Le Chou du roi" and was wondering how a girl's genitals could look like a cabbage.

Yep. I'm a sicko.


Lovely -- congrats!


Dude she is going to be SO gorgeous! So happy for you guys. congrats! BTW, I think you always look GREAT!!!


AWESOME!!!! bring on the pink, pink, and more pink!

wow, aimee, i can't believe i discovered your blog so many years ago, before your mother's passing. seems like a different era ago... with so much that has happened in between. :)

The Bold Soul

OH MY GOD, I am sitting here at the breakfast table with Georges before I get ready to leave for the States and this is SUCH great news! Georges and I are over the moon for you and Julien, and this little girl is going to have the perfect big brother in Max.

So what kind of girly things can I bring back from the States for the baby? Maybe she needs her first Barbie? Or a Hello Kitty purse? It's never too soon to accessorize.


Congratulations! That is fantastic news!
I was hoping to have boy/girl twins but ended up having two boys so I know the feeling of disappointment (although I wouldn't change anything now!) and the guilt of feeling that too ... Hoping to try for pink one day but who knows!
Anyway, I'm very pleased for you and I hope the sickness and tiredness clear up soon and you can enjoy your pregnancy a little more :)


My only hope is that she has a gentler temper than my own pink lass.


Happy happy news! Can't wait to meet the little princess!


That's wonderful! It's so much fun to have a girl after a boy because you really appreciate the wonderful selection of clothes so much more than moms who start off with girls. Of course she'll be a little bit of a tomboy too in her brother's PB jean suspenders which is cute too :)


Yeah! So happy for you! Congratulations!

Yvette / overanalyzer

woohoooooo! congratulations!! although i REALLY don't mind what gender i have, i do think there is a lot more cute stuff to make for baby girls.


Le choix du roi is cool. Congratulations! :)

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