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July 17, 2009


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You look GREAT! I'm going for a VBAC too (but I was NOT ok with my c-section the first time around). It is hard to fight for a VBAC in the states... hopefully it will all go well for you. Best of luck!


I thought that 'lolos' actually translated as 'boobs' in French? Atleast, in my husband's family, lolo is the code word which is why they all definitely ix-nayed my choice of the name Lola for a girl.
Was thinking of you the other day as I picked up my knitting. Can't wait to get back to Paris as I think I need Wednesday knitting to get through a few projects languishing in my basket. Will Tricote be going again in the fall?


looking beautiful. glad to hear you are feeling better and getting some energy again.
good for you for looking into the VBAC, and even better that your dr supports you on it- here in the states it is hard to find one that will.


Mary Anne

My friend Beth successfully did VBAC with her 2nd and 3rd sons. Brandon, her first, was an emergency c, 6 weeks early...but John was 10 llbs and had a HUGE charlie brown style head...and she did him vbac...with drugs...Jacob was again vbac, no drugs. Brandon is 16 this week, John, 13 and Jacob will be 11 soon. You can do it...I know you can.
Mary Anne

ps...vaginal births are not what they are cracked up to be... LOL...when the drugs wore off and I couldn't have more...well, we will just say it was ugly. Darn good thing Katy is so cute!


I had two VBACs after a C-section. It was worth all the research and preparation. We had a nurse birth assistant (a doula), and she was a huge help to us and dealt with the doctor, who was already supportive and even more willing to let me try since I had a medical person helping me.

The recovery time afterword is so much shorter - I felt like myself (although tired) after just a couple weeks after the VBACS, compared to so much longer for a C-section. Best of luck --

The Bold Soul

You look wonderful, and I'm so happy you're feeling so much better again. FYI my best friend had C-sections with her first TWO kids (1st was breech and 2nd was around the 10lb mark) and then vaginal deliveries with the 3rd and 4th children... no problems at all. She had good reasons to go Caesarean the first 2 times but I thought it was great her doctor encouraged her to go vaginal with the subsequent babies. Much different than how it used to be some years ago, from what I've heard. I'm sure you can do it!


Yay for the VBAC! I'd have loved to have gone that route too, but, well, just didn't happen that way. I had three back-to-back C-sections, and while the outcome was perfect (three beautiful, healthy babies) I do feel like I missed something. Oh well, that factory has closed up shop and I won't be dealing with it anymore. Best o' luck to you!


Have not visited here in a long time. My computer died and all my bookmarks went with it....so nice to see you are having another baby. I was reading when Max was born...How nice to have a girl. One of each. Hope you continue to feel well....

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