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September 03, 2009


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Kim B.

Hey, that's not too bad . . . it *is* CLEAN laundry, after all!!

Not to mention you're expecting sometime soon, chasing around your toddler son, and working (more than) full-time! I'd say you have a lot to be proud of, and if there's clean laundry on the table, so be it. (And if it lets us see you blogging, definitely!)


If you ask me, I think it's perfect that you leave laundry on the table and fight with your husband. It's a little weird to talk to couples who never disagree. Love life's "imperfections".


We are SO imperfect. I've just had to say to myself 'what's more worth it, leaving dishes in the sink or playing with the kids or knitting a couple of rows'. The end result of that attitude is lots of procrastinating (as we speak, clothes are still hanging in our bathroom 'to dry' and they've been there for a week!), but living is more important than doing silly chores all the time.


I like this post Aimee... it's important to remember that even if it's well hidden, none of us are perfect, arguements and all.


thanks for this post! life through the lens of a blog can seem so sanitized at times. it's nice to know that i'm not the only one with unmade bed, dirty dishes, and unfolded laundry. :)

Mary Anne

the clean laundry is a mountain outside of the laundry room on the floor right now...so very imperfect here!

The Bold Soul

It is so weird to me that so far, Georges and I have not had what I'd call a fight. But it's coming, sooner or later. Because we're imperfect, too. And you should see the piles of laundry here; I washed two loads of clothes 4 days ago and left them DAMP in the bags because I could not bear to walk up the stairs and hang them up. Sometimes the endless laundry for a family of 5 gets on my nerves and I just ignore it. Now I'll have to rewash all of it.



we all have in perfections. perfect would be abnormal

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