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October 12, 2009


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1) You are beautiful, Mama

2) One of your pics is up on Parent's Ask... did you see it? http://www.parentsask.com/images/cheerios-with-fresh-blueberries.html?455


You look great! Ha ha, Ikea! I'm convinced that all pregnant women have to go to Ikea at least once during their pregnancy...


I am SO excited for you, mama. You look stunning and I know you are surrounded by love.
Wishes for light and peace during your birth journey.

The Bold Soul

Aw, look at you two with your striped shirts, and you look radiant at 31 weeks! Love the dreams about the pink headband, so cute!


This is a cute outfit....you look gorgeous!

Max is so adorable, I can see why you would want another to look like him!


Brunette or blonde - she is going to be GORGEOUS!!! You two make cute kids! Love the stripy belly - you look fabulous!


Congratulations Aimee! I have recently began reading your blog and knitting and you and your family are just gorgeous!I look forward to reading more from your blog.


You make it look like being very pregnant is fun! You really do look so cute and happy. I hope everything will go well with your tea shop while you are gone. Every time I look at my Mirth Shawl, I think of you and all the other wonderful people from that class.


Mary Anne

Oh, I think a redhead would be fun...or one who really looks Korean...hmmm...no matter she will be a beautiful BB!


Hi Aimee,

I have a question but I don't know where else to ask. We live in France and are going on a trip back to the US for the first time. We would like to get emergency medical insurance. Did you get anything like that when you went? I thought you might have since you were pregnant.



Look at you! Wow, so much has changed since i last saw you you DEF have your Flare on! Trin

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