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October 28, 2009


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Aimee, I'm so sorry your birth experience with Max was so difficult. I'll be thinking of you all and hope that you can go smoothly through the next four weeks, to be followed by the best possible birth for your baby girl.


Oh sweetheart, I'm so sorry that Max's birth experience was so awful for you. It sounds like you have doctors who are going to take the best care of you now. I had different experiences with my 2 (The epidural I had with Gabriel was put in at full strength meaning I panicked because I couldn't control or feel a thing!)but I think with the second baby we become much clearer about what we want and *need*.

And of course the best girls are born on 1st Dec ;)


you know I've been there so I totally understand your feelings.

I am so glad that you are surrounded by good and receptive doctors who will do everything they can to make BB's arrival as smooth as possible.


I'm glad this new anesthesiologist chose to listen to you and plan ahead. I cannot believe the last one screwed up so badly! Hopefully now you can breathe a bit easier and get excited for her arrival!


Hi Aimee, it's been a very long time since I've posted anything. I wanted to first congratulate you on the second pregnancy (sorry! so long overdue). I am very sorry that the 2nd birthing could not be as planned. It does sound like you're in good hands with this new anesthesiologist though. However the situation may suck, I hope you find comfort that the doctors are doing the best for the baby, and that she is as healthy as can be. Coming from someone who also had scarring, was induced, and could not do any pushing with an epidural hence skipped it, those severe contractions are not something you want to experience! I hope you enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy, and the birthing runs smoothly. I can't wait to see pictures of the new family member! Good luck!


Awwwww....I feel for you, Aimee. That is such a horrible story about the anesthesia with Max. I had no idea. I can't even imagine that feeling. It is good that you are in such good hands now, and that you trust your doctors. I'm glad your anesthesiologist is so interactive with you, and that your fears were assuaged. I am rooting for you and your daughter! You are well loved and you will get through this with bells on! Wishing you a calm and peaceful month before the big day!!!!


oh my, how completely horrible for you!!! i would be traumatized as well if that had happened. vaginal births are not all that pretty either but at least you have control of yourself afterward. i'm glad to hear that you're working with the obgyn and anesthesiologist! fingers crossed that it's a bit easier this time around.

also, boy you seem to grow those babies big!! but better than growing them too small, right?

Mary Anne

We never talked about my expereince during/after having Katy. I will tell you, that I am so thankful she is our 3rd child. I will never experience that again. Dr Bassett and I had talked about my fears and concerns, but in the end, Katy's safety overroad all. I hated being pregnant, as I was scared to death for all 9 mos, since I never felt her move, grow, hiccup or kick. Each week her heartbeat would drop out, and an emergency trip to the perinatologist would happen. They were afraid for so many different birth defects, because genetic testing was showing high chances. Having her early, being induced, having a forceps delivery(which caused the birth trauma that kept her in the hospital for 5 days after we had been home with severe jaundice) The out of control feelings, the horrible recovery for me(seem to take a lot longer than for most with a vaginal delivery...forceps, I suspect) and coming home from the hospital, only to return 18 hours later with a deathly sick baby. I have never seen my pediatrician so serious, and with tears in her eyes, as she came to see us that first few hours back at the hospital. Almost losing Katy was the worst part of the experience for sure. We were, as my pedi says now, within hours of losing her. And this was a induced vaginal birth of a baby who was 6 pounds and 22 inches long(5 weeks early)
I know that this is so dissapointing for you, so very scary, but it sounds like this anesthesiologist has a better handle on things. I know that I am very clausterphobic, and just an oxygen mask makes me crazy, so I am sure the arm thing would have been the worst. I also know that BB is a strong Osbourn girlie, and that she is going to be healthy and beautiful, just like you!
Take heart honey, all will be good, and soon it will all be over. Give that little cousin of ours hugs, and give yourself a Mary Anne hug too..
love you much
Mary Anne

The Bold Soul

Well now... at least you got some answers about what happened the last time (that anesthesia can really mess a person up; my mother had trouble with it after her knee surgery and I had some problems after breaking my leg on the 2nd repair surgery). TWO TIMES the dosage? WTF? Well at least this guy seems to be really on the ball and I'm confident you'll have a much different and better experience this time, as scary as I know it still is. At the end you'll have this gorgeous little girl to cuddle and love. You're such an awesome mommy to Max and now you get to share that with the next child. Big hugs!

My open roads

While taking some mom & infant classes recently, I met some moms who totally cried their eyes out when talking about their birth experiences that ended with c-sections, the procedure, the recovery, not fun, so you're definitely not alone! It is hard hard when you can't give birth the way you were hoping to. It's great though that your girl is growing beautifully and very soon, you'll have her in your arms, that's the awesome part! Best wishes!


BB is going to be so gorgeous! I can't wait for December 1st - a fantastic Christmas present for you all. I hate that you had such a hard time with Max, but it sounds like this time will be so much better. Jake was a big baby (4.5kg) and I got to deliver him naturally with no drugs but I felt like I had been in a car crash or bashed up for days afterwards. There is never an easy way with big babies. I'm already scared about birthing another big baby and I'm not even pregnant yet!! You guys are gonna do great!!!!


That's one big baby. What a lady!

For what it's worth, my sister had a FANTASTIC experience with the C-section -- totally comfortable immediately afterward, up and walking (a little) 12 hours later, and feeling just grand two days later. No sickness, little pain. I honestly think she was less banged up after her birth than I was after I delivered the Tates naturally. So. It can be done. Good luck keeping BB cookin'... you're in the home stretch!


Hi Aimee. I just want you to know that I had a C-section, and was numb from the waist down and it was no problem at all. With the proper anesthesia you will feel fine afterwards, i promise! I am sorry what happened about your last experience but I assure you it will not repeat itself. I most likely will probably need another C-section if I have another one ( i actually had preeclampsia) but at the end of the day however they end up here having both mom and baby healthy is what matters.
I have friends that had vaginal births and they were pretty messed up afterwards too....
just think of the beautiful baby GIRL (and the cute clothes you can dress her in)


I've had three Cesars, darlin, back to back, and I can testify that the first one is definitely the worst. That sounds a bit over-dramatic, I know, especially considering I had hardly any problems afters any of them, but you know a bit better what to expect from your body this time, how you heal, things like that, and you know what movements not to make.
I am so sorry that the first time around was so horrible. And I most certainly understand the disappointment that goes with being denied a natural birth. I had a hard time with that, too. Especially after the second one, when it was explained that any subsequent births would be C-sections by default. I felt like I'd failed somehow as a woman--the most fundamental part of being a woman and I couldn't do it. It totally rocked me.
But now, what? Two and a half years after that third cesarean, almost four after the second, and five and a half after the first, I can honestly say I'm less concerned with how they got here and more concerned with keeping them--and my house--in one piece. All of that to say, whatever happens, DO NOT feel like you've somehow failed because you're having a Cesarean. It's really not going to be a big deal later on.

I love you! You look fabulous! And this baby, she is so totally going to be gorgeous!


I utterly sympathise and understand part of what you went through. Hugs!


Darling, as someone who has had her babes pass out the old fashioned way, I can tell you that I would have prefered getting a C-section. I would far rather have had a mangled tummy, than mangled bits that I'm still at odds with (though I don't deny that your first experience sounds like one of Dante's hells).

Since I'm working on BB3, I plan on telling my doctor POINT BLANK that I don't appreciate having stretched out nethers, could he do something about it directly after delivery.

It depresses me all to hell that sex? For the rest of my life? Will suck. Because I hardly feel a thing (and yes, I've done all the re education things and while I'll probably be continent forever, I'm still missing out on the good stuff).

Well. That's enough TMI for today. N'est-ce pas?

All that to say, that even the women who birthed the more womanly way (SCOFF! GUFFAW! SNORFFLE!) have regrets. That womanly way stuff is way overrated. TRUST ME.



I'm so sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with your first c-section. I was disappointed with my first c-section, but it turned out really well anyway. My second ended up a c-section too, but I was better prepared (and had an epidural instead of a spinal). This 3rd one is automatically a c-section and I'm OK with that.

With a normal c-section, it can all go very well. I nursed by babies immediately after their check-up. I was walking around the next day. With my second baby, I had learned to keep her in my bed so that I didn't have to call the nurse to give her to me.

It is really unfortunate that you had such a terrible experience, but I'm sure with all of the precautions you have taken, it will go much better this time.

Mary Anne

Amen JChevais....well said, and I think that many of us have that expereince as well! Kegals can only do so much!

Mary Anne


Sounds like you've got some good docs watching out for you and I am happy to hear that the new anesthesiologist was upfront about what happened at Max's birth so you finally have some answers. If you know that this anesthesiologist is the one who will be with you, that he is aware of what happened before and that he is going to make sure it doesn't happen again, then that is definitely a big plus about a c-section. I'm not even pregnant with the second one and I dread the thought of facing another anesthesiologist like the one I had before. You've got a good team surrounding you -- confidence all the way!


such a scary story. while i did not have as bad of a reaction after gemma's birth, i did have a difficult time...the twins c-section was a breeze. 6.3 kilos of babies and i was up later that evening.

wishing you an easy birth! can't wait to see your baby!


Hi Aimee,
I just wanted to say that I had a C section on Saturday... It was the absolute last thing that I wanted, but my baby was breech, so there was not a lot of choice in the matter...
And I do think that if your anestheiologist does well then everything will be fine. Mine told me that they like to give the smallest dose possible and up it if needed. I was able to hold my baby in the salle de reveil, the famous peau a peau, and even held her in my arms as the wheeled me back to my room. I am sure you remember the recovery period, the hardest part is getting up the first time. I am breastfeeding my baby and had the nurses trained to leave her with me in my bed as much as possible while I couldn't pick her up. In all honesty the whole thing was much more positive then I thought it was going to be. My last stitches come out today, I am walking normally, and loving my baby more then I thought possible.
All in all I had a good experience, even if it was the last thing I wanted. The most important part is that baby is doing fine and me too. I do understand wanting to have a natural childbirth experience for the second though. I am holding on to the hope that any subsequent babies will come out the old fashioned way, but now that I know what to expect I would be ok with a C Section as well if I had to have one again.
Anyways I kind of went off there. I would have the nurses leave the baby in your bed as much as possible, and remember it is a rough 2 days and things only get better from there...
I'll be thinking about you!


Dear Aimée... Thinking of you down here on the Atlantic Coast and sending you warm, positive thoughts & vibes... I too am sorry that your first caesarean was so difficult, and it sounds to me like this time around they at least have their "act in gear" as my mother would say...

I never really talked about it much either, on my blog or when we saw each other, but I actually had a really terrible birthing experience with Emma, unfortunately, and she was born vaginally. There are no miracles, of course, but I regret not asserting myself more and making clear what I wanted in the first place. Then again, like you said, sometimes fate decides for us and what we may want isn't always what happens in the end.

To this day, I'm not completely healed or at peace with how my experience went, but I try not to think about it much... But I suffered a LOT in the first days as a result, and a lot of it had to do with certain elements of the medical experience. I'm also CONVINCED that the membrane sweep, which was performed a few days beforehand without my even KNOWING it and without my consent, had an effect on how my experience went. Jean tells me today that I should just forget about it, that the most important thing is that Emma is healthy, and I'm sure he's right. But as women I think we are entitled to at least get our feelings out there and to feel like they are respected & justified. So much about my experience was painful & complicated, and seriously, that's the last thing we need at such an already emotionally complicated time!

But like everyone has already said here, you will be well taken care of, and in less than a month's time, you will be holding that beautiful baby girl of yours in your arms -- and just think, she's going to be so rosy pink and huggable, squeezable!!! :-D Relax, take time for yourself and enjoy these last few weeks before her very special arrival.

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