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October 01, 2009


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First, Aimee, you need to check to see if your medication could be causing the feelings of anxiety you are having. Lots of meds have side effects that can cause anxiety, depression, feelings of despair (lucky me, I always have the side effects that the 10% are likely to suffer). Then, secondly you need to focus on the things that are more likely to happen. Beautiful, healthy new baby girl, all the things you want to do and make for her, but will be unable to because your tea shop will be so, so busy with customers, and oh my God, you will need to get a bigger apartment because you need more space. AND, a garden. With a swing set. And, maybe a dog. And you have to grow lots and lots of flowers and make some seriously, flouncy skirts for your daughter when she gets older so she can twirl around in them... Oh, and back to the tea shop, a cookbook with your recipes...


I love you. You're amazing. I am so proud of how strong you are. You'll be fine--no worries on this side of the pond. :)

Mary Anne

hi honey...
I think the mood stuff is an Osbourn girl thing...trust me....I have it sometimes, in times of extreme stress and I know that Gaga did too...we just are great big emotional babies with active imaginations...add in hormones and stress and well, there you go. I panicked all the time while I was pg with Katy...Tom thought I was losing it...poor guy...the middle of the night wake up and fearfulness, overwhelming me. Yep, I think I have been there too...
hugs to you,
Love you!

Mary Anne


god, you have had quite a time of it. the cafe and the clot and just the act of having to be so many things each day, it is a lot and amazing how you do it...

the anxiety must be hard, but you had a huge scare with the u.s. hospitalization. when i was pregnant with the twins in pre-tern labor, i used daily meditation and a form of hypnosis to help me calm down and it worked so well for me...here is a link http://hypnobabies.com/store/view_sub.php?start=0&id=4&cid=4

i ony used the baby stay in and another calming one for visualizing a safe space for you and your whole family...it made a huge difference in how i felt pre-birth. maybe it can give you a little breathing room. hugs.


Ok this is going to sound very random but this is probably my 2nd or 3rd time posting on your blog. I came across it sometime back in 2007 when I won a trip to Paris and was googling for food to eat/stuff to do. Your blog mentioned that yummy beef pho place. Happened to click around and saw your entries on Max and thought they were really sweet.. and before I knew it, it has been 2 whole years that I have been following your blog and watching Max grow!

It's just really amazing and my heart is filled with so much warmth when I see how much love and affection you have as a mother for your son.

And now, you have another!

Time really flies.

I sincerely hope that your pregnancy would be a smooth sailing one and your family will always be filled with lots of love and laughter! :D

Take care!


yvette / overanalyzer

hi aimee, you look beautiful, your family is beautiful, and everything's going to be fine :-) anxiety is the worst, but i find that literally *stopping* my brain from going there (even if you have to say "stop"!) helps.

all the best to you!


Sue Blasland

I hope your maternity leave will give you the rest and peace of mind you need. You are such a wonderful mommy! I love what you share with us, your readers.

Rest and enjoy this time with your beautiful little boy and your husband.

Best wishes,

Sue B.


Thinking of you, Aimee, and sending you warm thoughts and vibes... I'm sure all will go well, but I can totally relate to your feelings of anxiety! Emma's going through a tough phase herself these days, and at the same time, she can be so utterly adorable I always manage forgiving her everything! It's such a push-and-pull, mix of contradictory feelings sometimes! But one thing is for sure, the love we feel is SO strong.

Lots of love... Hope to be able to see you again in Paris one day soon! Enjoy your maternity leave, I hope you'll have some time to relax a bit and prepare for baby girl.


Hi Aimee - been following your blog for a while now. Just happened upon it one day and I was hooked. Not only by your great pics, but to see your tea shop grow in leaps and bounds. And now a 2nd bub on the way!
During March 09 I had a fantastic reunion with 3 school friends in Paris - haven't seen each other for 30+ years. I just had to take my best frined to visit your shop. It was a rainy day and I was praying that the shop wouldn't be closed. Imagine my surprise and delight, to discover that your 'special' tea being advertised was from my home country - Rooibos tea. I was definitely meant to be in your shop on that day! Hope to be back some day.
Good luck with the baby and all the very best to you and your family.

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