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November 01, 2009


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Love the stripes. Love the 50 mm. Love you! Can't wait to see the photos to come over the next 30 days...and in the end we get to meet BB!


Looking forward to seeing the pictures you take. 50mm is a very useful length in a lens, especially if it's a fast lens - you can get some lovely DOF then. My Canon 50mm 1.4 is a great lens.

Max looked so cute in his Tigger costume!



Aww so cute!! Can't wait to see her; I'm sure she will be just as gorgeous as her big brother :) Also, just wanted to say I'm sorry you didn't get to try for the VBAC you were thinking of.. must've been a hard decision.


Oh my gosh, love this shot! And I love stripes, too, although I have to admit perhaps not nearly to the same extent... :o) I'm envious of all those adorable clothes! If I could let go, BOY, would I go crazy with Emma! As it is, I have to be careful, but I'm tempted all the time, even just on-line...

Looking forward to seeing all your lovely photos, Aimée, and of course to seeing the arrival of your little girl -- in such a short time!

Mary Anne

Does day 32 include BB photo??? :) Can't wait to me the newest member of the family!

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