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November 12, 2009


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Mary Anne

hugs to you and Billy..............

Mary Anne


i am sending love to you and the fam. I of all people know how special and amazing your mom Is. I remember when she knitted me a a shirt when i was a teenager, and how special that was....I know she is watching out for all of you and she is so proud of all her childrens accomplishments. I can't wait to visit your tea house,it sounds so amazing and cozy, what an amazing life you have.



it is beautiful that you can feel her in ways...you have my thoughts and prayers as the time for bebe 2 comes.

The Bold Soul

Holding you and William in my heart today.


It's going to be MORE than okay!


Aimee, the one time we hung out, your mom called. You picked up and told her you'd call her back, ending the conversation with "I love you Mom" in Korean. You said it in such a loving, sincere way that I was touched. I'm so sorry that your Omma passed away, but I am sure that she lived her life knowing that she had a daughter that truly loved her. I am glad that you feel her spirit guiding you in difficult times and I hope it guides you until the day you both meet again. xx


Karena - Thank you so much for reminding me of that. I had forgotten that moment completely until you reminded me. It just proves to me even more that she always knew when I needed to talk to her. Years ago when we met, I was so lonely in Paris and knew no one. She knew this and would call me often to talk to me and let me know she was thinking about me.

Again, thank you, thank you for reminding me of this moment.


I'm in tears. I am so grateful for those moments when I sit truly in the moment, knowing I am a mom to my Bean, doing what my mom did, good and bad, and that one day she will know everything I know now. . .feeling just as grateful (I hope!).

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