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November 14, 2009


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You will still have "special" together moments with Max..and you will look at him and still see his little baby face..and he will always be your first born. YOu will have a special relationship with your new baby too, but I think it is different.


Aimee that is a wonderful picture - he will treasure this when he is older. I hope that you enjoy these last couple of weeks together, but you are sure to have more special moments to come. Yay!


GREAT composition!!


He will adjust just as you did . . .four times. You know how special siblings are and he will too.


You'll be amazed at how big Max looks once you have a newborn. For me, it's Jake's head. I look at it when he is next to Sophia and think, "oh my gosh, that kids head is HUGE!" But, it's of average size...and he will always be my baby. It's amazing how much love he has for her. Not jealous at all. He loves his sister so much, and so will Max!

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