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November 17, 2009


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La Rêveuse

New crib? Looks round! Adorable! He's going to be so excited. I told Rowan that when her new bro/sis comes along, she'll be in the SuperBigGirlBed (the double). She was thrilled, and is napping in it right now. Can't wait to meet BB!!!


Wow! I love this image! The bear looks like he's so lonely and can't wait for his new cribmate (and her older brother) to keep him company. I love that round crib!


So sweet. There is no true way to prepare! Just lots of loving. I found that the only person truly injured in the wake of our second baby was me, b/c of my guilt over the time not spent with the first. A year later, it's worked out beautifully. Just remember to cut yourself a big break for a while and not feel guilty over the time you need to bond with/nurse/comfort BB!


I agree with ellen. Max will be fine. As I recall, he spent 24 hours with me when you visited in August. I'm sure he missed you for (at least) 30 minutes. :)

He will be your little helper, so be sure to let him help. He's amazing in all the big boy things he can do, and he will feel gratified by you asking him to help. It worked well for you when Elizabeth came along. Back in 1979, you weren't really allowed in the hospital, either.

He will know you and Julien love him.



Your dad's right. Bring him into the fold by letting him be your little helper. They love any requests, including carrying the dirty diaper to the garbage! It is tough that he can't visit you in the hospital, but hopefully, Julien can help him through that transition. It'll work out fine, and another commenter was right. The collateral damage will be guilt that you take on by trying too much to be Supermom :) xoxox

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