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November 20, 2009


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Hold on to those moments fiercely for as long as you can. I remember when my youngest was Max's age. I was his world. Now, at almost 13, not so much. Still my baby, but now his world has gotten a lot bigger. And other girls are starting to garner his attention. Darn it all, that growing up. ;^)


That is so very sweet of him, sweet little boys grow up to be sweet little gentlemen.

Kim B.

I never know quite what to say, wish I had a way of conveying how beautiful I find your reflections on your son (and your life in general). You really seem to appreciate the beauty that you have in your life, and it's just so cool to see the amazing photos and details that you capture. This will all be such a treasure for him (and whoever loves him) someday when he is grown.

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