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November 03, 2009


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Mmm, pumpkin chocolate chip? That sounds yummy!


i really want a speedlight! hmmmm..


You'd never know you used any kind of flash - it really looks like no extra lighting was used, there are no odd shadows or anything. I really like the bokeh in the background.

Tonight at our knitting group someone brough pumpkin chocolate chip muffins! They were really good. I'd love to taste your cookies!



love the blog..i've been meaning to head to your tea shop since i came across your blog. (mostly for a real american cookie..i miss them!) i also love photography, and if you want to learn more about flash photography, this blog will blow your mind: strobist.blogspot.com (start with lighting 101). cheers

The Bold Soul

My mother has made pumpkin cookies before, and she also makes pumpkin bread. I do like them spicier with all the good stuff like ginger and cinnamon (or whatever the heck she puts in hers). My older step-son made some cookies with potiron and chocolate chips a few weeks ago (the potiron donated by his girlfriend's mother, fresh from their own garden in Lille, so he had to bring it back to Paris and then cook something with it -- and I have no clue about potiron!) They were ok but I actually didn't care for the chocolate and potiron together. And a bit bland for my tastes.


Hey, Aimee...have you ever considered compiling a bunch of your recipes and selling it in the tea shop, as a, you know, L'OisiveThé Cookbook, or something like that? It would be so cute to have little books sitting around and you could also sell them online (hard cover or by downloadable PDF) for people not lucky enough to frequent your shop and have some of your cookies! I'd bet you'd have a hit!


Is that canned pumpkin that I see in the background?

I'm on my 3rd pregnancy and for each one, I crave cold, cold milk (never UHT). I have to have a bowl of cereal every night before going to bed.

cookies sound so good, I need to make a batch or two. It seems that I can never make enough. Enjoy!


Oooooooooh, pumpkin cookies! Would you care to share your recipe? I brought back canned pumpkin from my last stay in the USA and have been staring at it for the past weeks, quite puzzled about how to use it...
(They look DELICIOUS. 9:52 AM, hungry already...)


Why oh WHY am I just seeing this photo/blogpost now? Way, way late... And am just catching up on your 30-days photo project, Aimee. Not only do I LOVE the photo, but the cookies sound to DIE for, if you ask me! Man, how I wish I was closer so I could taste them... You'll have to pass on the recipe you put together, though! I imagine you're so confident in cooking & baking now, though, that you improvise these completely and don't even use a recipe of any kind!

I also wanted to say that while I was pregnant with Emma I craved milk ALL THE TIME too!!! Drank tons of it, along with eating yogurts and ICE CREAM. Total dairy insanity! I miss the Candia lait frais these days, but still can't drink the long conservation kind. Will have to get me some lait frais so I can make a chocolate milk!! That's what I'm craving right now...


P.S. - I totally agree with Diivna! I think you'd have a HUGE HIT on your hands if you did a cookbook/teahouse project! Definitely something to keep in mind for the future... I'm convinced you would do a fabulous job.

Now you've inspired me... I *totally* want to bake some cookies!! :o)

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