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November 04, 2009


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This is wonderful!

The Bold Soul

How great you found some fire-colored leaves here in Paris; we hardly have any and those are from climbing vines, not trees. I do miss the vivid colors from the maples in the northeastern U.S. this time of year.

Can't help you out with shoes but I still have those maternity pants I'm not using, if you need an extra; tags are still on them, black and knit and all comfy. I'll run them over to your place, just say the word!


What a beautiful picture, with the leaves representing the change your life is about to go through!

Mary Anne

The joy of two is incredible...just wait! It will be so much better than you imagine.


Just wanted to tell you I made the oatmeal cranberry cookies last night for a friend's birthday and they were delicious!


So life changeing, as are the seasons. You will be such a lovely mum to BB as you are to Max, it will be a joy..take care Anne xox


Lovely photo and reflective post.

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