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November 07, 2009


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The Bold Soul

People are just so nice! And OMG I used to LOVE Harold and the Purple Crayon; I can even remember taking the books out of the school library!


lovely. and wonderful to see you again daily!

i must add to the list my own personal connection to your writings of motherloss. often you've said what i've felt, and i thank YOU.


What a wonderful, generous gesture! I can totally understand how this can be one of the best parts of doing all that you do! And you truly are a giving, loving friend, wife and mother, so it's clear that your generosity is returned to you. I have to get a copy of that book for Emma! Along with a million other books, for that matter... I know I won't be able to bring that many back from the States this time around, they're just too heavy and take up so much space, but it's going to be SOOO tempting and hard to resist!

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