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November 09, 2009


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This is a beautiful post.

The Bold Soul

It's wonderful that can continue to find ways of connecting with your mother's memory and presence.

And you don't look a day over 30. ;)


Self portraits are really hard for me and I think nearly everyone. This is a wonderful photo--natural like you said and great light. I'm enjoying your 30 days a lot. Such a good idea to do before a baby arrives. I'm inspired maybe to dust off my camera and do it again too (the 30 days, not the baby!)


Oh, whenever you write about your mother I get a little teary. You are such a loving daughter! Lucky you to have inherited her eyes. Such a nice reminder of her that you carry with you.

Account Deleted

It's a beautiful post, and I wanted to say that I have the same experiences. I haven't been a mom yet but whenever I find myself managing the kitchen or cooking even though I never learned to make anything before I had to cook for myself, I know I learned from the things that my mom do and from the tastes I felt in her cooking.
My mom is seventy years old next year, and I have the luck to share great days with her still. My thoughts go to you, Aimee, and your mom and her grandson.


My thoughts turned there today also. It was four years ago today, Aimee, that I last saw your Omma. About this time in the evening, when she kissed me and sent me home to get a good night's sleep. It was in the early morning hours of November 12th, when I got that phone call. I miss her still. But I love your blog and the life you share today.


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