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November 28, 2009


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I am so glad that Max is ok now! I guess that it is better he got it now than 2 days later with the newborn possibly being exposed to whatever bug that was... Good luck to the 3/4 of you!

The Bold Soul

So happy to hear Max is over such a scary thing and back to his normal self. Can't wait to see all of you tomorrow for our belated Turkey Day, too.


How scary for Max and how exciting for BB!!! I am sure you can't wait to see her face and smell that sweet baby smell! It makes me teary eyed just remembering it and my girls birth was just 5 weeks ago!

La Rêveuse

Oh honey, such stress you didn't need. J is a prince, so glad he is who he is, and relieved to hear Max is better today. Can't wait for BB to be here. Tell J we expect photos and SMS because I know you'll be out of commission for a few days. Love you!

Ninotchka Beavers

What an ordeal! Best Wishes.


Yikes!! I'm *so* relieved and happy that Max conquered the flu so quickly and that Julien came through with flying colors on the cookie baking. You guys really know how to pull it together! :-) I'm very pleased to know that you got my little gifts (thanks, Julien!). I look forward to seeing you at l'Oisivethé the next time I manage to make it to Paris. The hat maker is a good friend of mine who makes wonderful pillow covers, blankets, scarves and other garments out of recycled sweaters. And I'm delighted to know that Max and I both belong to the "Harold and the Purple Crayon" fan club. Rest, relax and take exquisite care of yourself -- my very best wishes to you and the entire family!!!


Oh Aimee, that must of been such a fright for you and your husband. So pleased for you all that little Max is back to normal..just in time for the birth of BB..

Mary Anne

Glad our little buddy is ok. Hugs to you all...can't wait for Tues...

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